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Dan Lemkus  Plant-based Dad Van life wannabe Husband to @sarahlemkus Kiwi currently in the UK Counterculture for the common good

2 years ago I was standing in my ex-bosses office discussing the news of Sarah’s second pregnancy. Despite already giving him my 3 months notice he kindly offered to let me stay on in my role. Deep sigh.. followed by a long contemplative pause. For a fleeting second I was torn between corporate life and self employment. I politely declined.
Working for ourselves has definitely had its moments. It’s a juggling act with two kids and has a lot of uncertainty. However, one of my favourite parts about it is how much involvement its enabled me to have in the first 15 months of Aubrey’s time on this planet. Honestly so stoked to be able to share my big OE with him. His excitement is contagious. Even seeing a sheep on the side of the road is a big deal (as if we don’t have those back home!) Also glad to be capturing so much of our trip on video as he otherwise would be too young to remember it.

Aubrey’s happy place. @arisaighousehotel
The poor little guy has been layered up so much he walks like a real life marsh mallow.

Beautiful white sand beaches but this ain’t Australia ❄️This is by far the furthest from the equator I’ve ever been and I reckon both me and this beach look a little out of place. We had to keep holding Aubrey back as he didn’t understand he’d catch hyperthermia if he dived in. I also wasn’t too upset I left my board back in New Zealand 🤘

Standing on the edge of the Clyde river in Glasgow at 11pm last night. I had numb fingers and and toes and it was drizzling slightly. As I was taking this photo it dawned on me that we are actually here! We are doing it! We are in Scotland. On the other side of the world from little old New Zealand, exploring, chasing the dream. I felt very grateful as I trudged home in the wet and cold 🙏

Spot the overly enthusiastic Dad blocking his son out the photo.. even though the photo was about him 😂

A pirates life for Beth.
Actually van life for us all. On Monday I’m off to look at what is hopefully going to be our home for the next 8 months. Wish me luck! If it all checks out and we go ahead with the purchase it’s still going to be a few weeks till she’s all ready to roll. So in the mean time we off to explore the UK by train 🚆 First stop Glasgow!

We’ve now spent two amazing weeks exploring London. It’s been rad but I’m beginning to crave a bit of nature and open country. Thinking of exploring more of the UK next week (hopefully in a van), but possibly by train if we haven’t found one yet. Excited to get on the road 🚐

“Your only as young as you feel” - said some old person. 30 years old today 🎉

Happy Birthday to my favourite gal ❤️I’d follow you to the other side of the world! O wait, we are already here! Well I’d follow you all the way home too. Love you forever @sarahlemkus.
Pic taken by Beth

We have been here almost a week and definitely wasn’t expecting blue skies almost every day, it’s easily cracking double digits (apparently this time last year it was snowing). Should have packed lighter as the thrift shops have been amazing for winter gears. Although we can’t seem to find much for the kids so if anyone knows of any kids thrift stores do tell 👍

Caught the tube for the first time on Friday night. I don’t think rush hour was the best time to get my bearings! Ended up taking 3 wrong trains 😝Lets just say we are off to go buy scooters n bikes today! Much more fun and way more scenic 🚇

Beth wanted to meet the Princess who lives here 👸Unfortunately no princesses to be found at the Natural History Museum, but we did find some cool dinosaur skeletons and exhibitions. My 7-year-old self would have been in his element 🦖

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