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Danny Estrada  Design | Build by trade. Design it all by hobby. Puppy enthusiast. cycling enthusiast. Nothing enthusiast.

Here. Giants beat the Nationals. Pretty sure warriors are gonna sweep. And pastrami fries are a thing.

This was Sebastian on our 12+ Mile hike. We got lost and had to double back to the peak. This was also before Sebastian's little paws blistered, and I had to carry him over my should for a little over 3 miles.

Dinner with Heather Hheather and Heatürr

Wootz is a word, it's a dannyism, it's a thing. #wootz

Saved by the Max! Bayside To get swag.

I'm so excited, I'm so excited, I'm so... I'm so scared Zack!

I haven't been on a bike or in a spin class in almost two years, m more than two years? I'm #1! I'm#1! I'm#1!

Sebastian is disappointed that he didn't get any of my organic cherry breakfast pastry... Or he's fat shaming me. #jindo #jindodog #jindodogstagram

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