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“Garden side” of our garage. Was productive today. Got all the lawn equipment set up on #kobalt garage slides. Put coolers and camping gear together along with winter fun stuff. #garage #organization #getitdone #rainysunday #mentalhealth

Came across a local car show in the rain. So many old dudes drying off cars in the rain. So many white tennis shoes and socks 😂 These two stood out from the bad ones. Added bonus, the same old dudes yelling at kids on bikes while the kids looked at cars. Way to be you grumpy assholes. The Sprite’s bay is all wrong it gets a pass for being at a show on an English felling day. #sprite #charger #carshow #olddudes #whitetennisshoesandsocks

Guess who’s insecure... 😂

Current mood, I’m ready to join Space Cat.

No it doesn’t feel like 104, it FEELS LIKE WALKING IN PISS.

Great week! Saw a cool aerodynamics demo at #simeonemuseum. ➡️ got a tour of #Pacificoford sales, service, and parts department ➡️ saw cocoa beans unloaded from a freighter from the Ivory Coast of Africa. 2.5 MILLIONS BAGS OF RAW #COCOABEANS ➡️ Finished our off road Dune Buggy Projects ➡️ Toured the Office Of Fleet Management in #Philadelphia where ALL of the cities Police, Fire, and City owned vehicles are repaired ➡️ Built a 4x4 articulated suspension rock crawler model, looked at gear trains, ratios, and compared our kit car parts to the real thing out in the shop! #CCPAUTOTECH @CCPAUTOTECH #stem #doit #theworldisfixersanddoers #autotech #techlife

Got a little of a sneak peek of Burt Munro’s “Worlds Fastest Indian” on display at the @simeonemuseum for the upcoming bike exhibit. His world speed record still stands, he was 68 years old and the bike was 47 on his record breaking run. He modified it himself in his shed in New Zealand, he hand cast parts, learned from mistakes, and never gave up.

#munrospecial #burtmunro #worldsfastestindian

#Repost @ccpautotech ・・・
GREAT FIRST DAY of our Transportation STEM camp! We learned how cars work, basic 4 stroke theory, engine layouts, and then we started working on our electric Dune Buggy chassis projects.
#ccpautotech #stem #tamiya #autotech #futuregen #nextgen

Got some more work done today in the garage. Pulled up old carpet that was used for years as a general crap catcher and replaced with anti-fatigue matting. ➡️ Added a much needed white board, bolted to the back door, made a small marker and eraser holder out of a NJ license plate. ➡️ Sorry kiddo, I’m kicking your toys out of the garage, you get a matching deck box for all your yard toys to play in. 👍🏻

Bittersweet find today. In my self empowerment of organizing the garage, I started to unpack and inspect some items that had been stored since my Father died. These items have no place in the garage and only take up space or will get damaged at some point. I stumbled across this today. I remember it from my Grandparents house, and until this afternoon I thought it was lost for good. I don’t remember saving this, but WOW am I glad I did! It’s a bourbon decanter from 1969.. obviously empty. Not a rare item from the #Apollo area, but worth a little money.
#booze #nasa #apollo11 #drunkhistory #ceramic #timsims

Local hardware store. Looks like that light has an electron leak... (turns out that the tenant above had a toilet line burst). At least the hardware store had the parts to fix the leak. “How many plumbers does it take to change a light bulb? Plumbers don’t screw around with light bulbs.” Or
- A boss to tell the plumber, a plumber to tell the helper, and a helper to get the electrician to do it. - A plumber to get the beer and a plumber to call the electrician.
@osha_is_this_ok #plumberjokes

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