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danjreed  Cars. Machines. Art. Life. Most if not all photos are my own. Please don't take without credit.👊spammers get the shaft

Go to wash the car. Hear water pouring inside the house. Installed this “frost free” hose bib two years ago (almost to the day). It froze and split (near my thumb). #storyofmylife #diy #homeownerproblems

I wish all vending machines were this cool.

She’ll always be a puppy to me, even when she lectures that it’s time to eat and then go for a walk. #nationalpuppyday

Two handsome gents.

Taking advantage of the decent weather.

Not hype! Works fantastic! No mess, so eye burning, no smells, just does it’s job for $20!
Keep parts covered or submerged, and above 65deg F. Rinse off with water.
#evaporust #rustremoval

Lapdog? No. SofaKing sun dog!
#minpinfans #minpinstagram

So those thin vacuum formed plastic tool organizers that come from the tool truck are pretty decent at storing tools, but they crack and fall apart after some use.

This is a smart easy solution to making them last longer. Simply mask off the outside of the holder with some masking tape, and apply “spray foam” gap filler to the backside. Wait for it cure (a day) and then cut with a sharp knife.

The tool holders now are stronger they can’t crack or flex in the box.
#tools #toolhacks #DIY #toolstorage #tooljunkies #snapon #mac #matco #wrenching #techlife #autotech #tool #makeitbetter #toolbox #mechanic #greatstuff

Mr. Ferrari 488 GTB driver, driving like a normal person, in rush hour, in Philly, on Market Street, in a winter Nor’easter. YOU ARE THE REAL MVP.
#ferrari #488gtb

Finding 1/2” Of standing water under my carpet isn’t how I wanted to spend part of my Sunday. Stupid door gasket seals. Stupid foot wellmodule (body module) getting wet. Carpet is like 2” thick of sponge foam due to the shape of the floors on the Mini. Still wet, may never dry out.

#mini #minicoopers #waterleak #minicooper #r55 #clubman

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