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GREAT FIRST DAY of our Transportation STEM camp! We learned how cars work, basic 4 stroke theory, engine layouts, and then we started working on our electric Dune Buggy chassis projects.
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Got some more work done today in the garage. Pulled up old carpet that was used for years as a general crap catcher and replaced with anti-fatigue matting. ➡️ Added a much needed white board, bolted to the back door, made a small marker and eraser holder out of a NJ license plate. ➡️ Sorry kiddo, I’m kicking your toys out of the garage, you get a matching deck box for all your yard toys to play in. 👍🏻

Bittersweet find today. In my self empowerment of organizing the garage, I started to unpack and inspect some items that had been stored since my Father died. These items have no place in the garage and only take up space or will get damaged at some point. I stumbled across this today. I remember it from my Grandparents house, and until this afternoon I thought it was lost for good. I don’t remember saving this, but WOW am I glad I did! It’s a bourbon decanter from 1969.. obviously empty. Not a rare item from the #Apollo area, but worth a little money.
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Local hardware store. Looks like that light has an electron leak... (turns out that the tenant above had a toilet line burst). At least the hardware store had the parts to fix the leak. “How many plumbers does it take to change a light bulb? Plumbers don’t screw around with light bulbs.” Or
- A boss to tell the plumber, a plumber to tell the helper, and a helper to get the electrician to do it. - A plumber to get the beer and a plumber to call the electrician.
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We... have a space force already. Have had one since 1959... yes that was a real plane, called the #x15
It still stands with several unbroken flight records. It was launched from the belly of a #b52 . An #x15 hangs on display at #airandspacemuseum in DC. While this children’s book shows a possible launch stack to take the x15 into space, it was never part of a launch stack, but did fly into space when dropped from a b52 by use of its hypersonic rocket engine. Interesting to think that the idea of a flyable “space plane” started here. It was the USAs first manned space flights, just skimming into space. Pilots who few x15 missions earned #astronautwings . America learned much about space flights, how machines and people react in space from the x15 program. Flight record is nearly 60 miles, to put things in perspective “weather and air” go as high as 10 miles.

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(From web)
Acronicta americana: The American Dagger Moth
This cool caterpillar has irritating "fur" that it spins into its cocoon. The black hair pencils may act as fake antennae, making the insect appear larger or more threatening than it really is. This caterpillar feeds on oaks and other trees, and can be very common in the late summer and early fall as it crawls around looking for a place to spin its oval cocoon.
The Basics:
* Does it sting? No, but the fur can be irritating.
* What does it eat? A lot of trees, including ash, birch, elm, maple, and oak.
* Will it seriously damage plants or trees? No.
* Is it rare? No, quite common.
* What does it turn into? A pretty gray moth.
* Can you raise it to an adult? Yes, especially if you find one wandering around in late summer looking for a place to spin a cocoon.

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So happy I got a copy. This is a work of art. Wonderful way to view history.

APOLLO by @mattfitch81 @chris4evil @mikecollinsfreakhousegraphics
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Desk in a hallway of the West building down at main campus.

To my Brother in Spirit;
I am so sorry you are not here anymore. Thank you for being an amazing person. We were truly graced with your wit, humor, skilled craftsmanship, engineering abilities, love of the outdoors, art, civic duties, attention to detail, knowledge, strong personal values, stories, and ability to listen.
I will miss the times we spent around your campfire late at night talking about life’s challenges, tools, technology, politics, family, history, while looking at the night sky and dwelling on the wonders of the universe.
Thank you for being a strong positive role model to so many, and taking time to enjoy life with us.
It’s very hard to be back here to help out with so much to be done after your passing. It’s obvious to everyone that you intended to go about your day when you got home. My family and I are thankful that we had recently had a wonderful time with you. We all miss you dearly.
Rest In peace brother-in-spirit. May we cross paths at another station of time in the vast cosmos. Until then, may your energy peacefully continue for eternity. May you explore places you long wished to explore. May all of your questions be answered. May your wisdom guide us. You will always be remembered fondly.
Your Brother-in-spirit;


Night moves, #tron style..

Puppy face...... ❤️❤️❤️. #minpin #minaturepinscher #minpinstagram @minpin_of_insta