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Dan Miller 

No #RagnarGR team can be more unforgettable than the #PacVan 338. This can be proven by the number of runners, volunteers, and Community Ragnarians that will find themselves bobbing there head to Waka Waka Waaaakaa this morning @ragnarrelay.

Unforgettable moment and scenery at #RagnarGR. USA! USA! USA! #runfree @ragnarrelay #PACVAN 338

#RagnarGR's greatest volunteers in the dead of leg five demonstrating proper overheating assistance was definitely an unforgettable @RagnarRelay moment. #PacVan 338

Shoes, no shirt + vest and glow stick hat = 2am gas station service when you need some chicken salads at #RagnarGR Clerks reaction when he walked in was an unforgettable moment @RagnarRelay #PacVan 338

A schooner is a sailboat. Unforgettable scenery at Lake Pepin. @ragnarrelay #ragnargr #PacVan 338.

Rockin the #PacVan wear. 5th team in. #RagnarFarout, #RagnarGR, Team #16

#RagnarHomecoming #RagnarGR #PacVan Team #16. Who was more coordinated than this? Complete with music, tags and Ghost Kills

#RagnarNom #RagnarGR #PacVan. If only we could instagram the soundtrack we played throughout that all runners know and loved.

Not even close, these were the Ragnarliest volunteers at #RagnarGR this year. Melissa Breyen and Joanne Sackett had Stockholm rockin. #RagnarVol

Little cold doesn't stop is. @gopherfpotball tailgate running strong. Don't worry @jvags, were watching your lot!

A must destination food stop when in St. Cloud. #vals

Mail can be good again. Newest issue of @luckypeach > 30+ political mailings we received this year

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