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Dani Vitale  Pro Dancer, Choreographer & teacher.

A little advice from 8 year old Dani 💕
I was “vlogging” in 98’. What’s good.

Loving my new students I’m meeting weekly at @iafcompound 🖤
I’ll be back in October to continue this journey🖤 “Life” has brought me back home for a minute, literally: life, death, marriage, birth, etc and my duty as a friend and family member comes first right now. Which honestly took me a long time to figure out and compartmentalize being so far from home. You hear it always, but today on 9/11, just tell everyone you love them. Live honestly and truthfully. Be there for your family and friends indefinitely. 🖤 -d

Happy birthday @seanmalto
You are a special human to so many people 🖤 thanks for sharing another birthday with me on a plane lol.

1 year ago TODAY was single handedly one of the greatest days of my life. 🏆
I surprised Lisa, all the students and family of @thedancestop along with my friends and family by completely renovating the studio that raised me. ❤️ I documented the whole thing and have been working tirelessly on editing it and it will be finished soon. But I wanted to post this today wishing all of the dancers a beautiful start to this next year! If I can basically get a fake/free contracting license via YouTube and Pinterest, anything is possible lol.
I’ll be home soon ❤️ #miniLebronJames

8pm. @iafcompound 〰️

If you need me, I’ll be sleeping outside the puppy hotel next to these nuggets. ❣️

10 YEARS AGO THIS WEEK I moved from Cleveland Ohio to Los Angeles at newly 18 years young. I could write a novel about this milestone marker. Looking back at ALL of the good, bad, ugly, unreal, sad & hilarious experiences I’ve had the past decade is overwhelming. All of the extreme ups and downs while never feeling like I’ve “fully made it” because bigger dreams and aspirations kept forming. You are only racing yourself at the end of the day. My life has felt accomplished and purposeless all in the same weeks at times lol and I’m beginning to realize that’s okay. I sometimes feel like I’m “going backwards” or “starting over”. That’s okay. It’s growth. At times I catch myself when I’m teaching saying things to my students that is great advice for my personal self lol....I always say “alright if you are comfortable doing this combo right now, that means you aren’t growing. Choose wisely how you want to feel when you walk out of that door by the end of class”. Life has a great way of throwing you up, down, around, sideways, backwards and forwards, don’t trying and figure out why, just let it take you and remember why & what you love to do.
But In the simplest closing statement:
10. Fucking. Years. Cheers to you 17 year old Dani for not taking the SAT or ACT and knowing EXACTLY what you NEEDED to go and accomplish. Middle finger and a sarcastic high five to those who said I would come back home within 6 months of leaving in 2008. Another sarcastic high five to the agent that said I would only do commercials & need to have a “plan b”. I’ve never had a “plan b” and I’m going just fine 😚
& cheers to all the humans that have come in and out of my life the past decade. Love you all (minus like 6 of you dearly lol)❤️ I’ve accomplished a SHIT ton so far and I feel like this is just the beginning. can’t wait to see what is to come 💋 #istillcallohiohome

So many beautiful humans came to my class last night. Thank you so much for gifting me an hour and a half out of your evening to dance with me 🖤
Here are two of my good friends @jasminemason_ & @winni3ta 🖤
🎤: #6lack #prblms 📹: @iafcompound @officialchehon -moves by me-
#dance @6lack

🖤 it just takes one person to see your soul and passion

🏆🤷‍♀️ YAS

Teaching TONIGHT.
Daniel Caesar or 6lack 🖤

“The only thing I fear more than change is no change. The business of being static makes me nuts” - Twyla Tharp.
Inspired to get up & out @scott_myrick and I went to take a partnering class from @officialchehon where we learned the Twyla Tharp choreography he did on broadway to “That’s Life” 💋 this was our first time doing it full-out together lol you aren’t going to grow if you don’t push yourself when uncomfortable! We then had another hour to put the details in and get into character. Couldn’t walk the next day.... or today haha. #dance #partnering #twylatharp #iaf #sorrywedontswing ;) #doitall

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