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Dani Vitale  Pro Dancer, Under Armour Athlete, Choreographer & teacher.

Jet lag- 1
@demidancersofficial - 0

FIRST SHOW TONIGHT! We’ve got some fun changes for you EU & UK ❣️ #tmylmtour #demilovato

#bbmas @ddlovato literally living the dream tonight for herself & so many other girls tonight. ❤️

When you want to swim with pigs. But bae says no.

🏆Every morning I wake up so happy being able to do what I love for a living. Today the @panicatthedisco performance I was honored to create with @lukebroadlick is airing. @brendonurie is a FUCKING MACHINE. “Stars are just like us” is such bullshit lol. There is a reason he is where he is. He came into rehearsal, learned and perfected all of this in 30 minutes. To literally run around the entire @theellenshow set, sing KILLER LIVE vocals, throw people over bars and tables, smash vases and do back flips all while being the most charismatic human was UNREAL to watch and witness. Thank you @tonytouchmarino 🏆 team work makes the dream work. We hear that a lot, but we are only as good as the team we have around us. Thank you @panicatthedisco for having me lead something so special and monumental for you ❤️[FULL PERFORMANCE ABOVE] #doitall #choreographer #creativedirector #panicatthedisco #theellenshow #brendonurie

Doing big boy jobs with my dude. 💛 (the yellow was not planned 👐)

I call this photo sour patch hips. 🍬
You know that feeling in your jaw when you eat sour patch kids? Yea, that’s what my hips feel like from time to time. 🤷‍♀️💯 #youfeelme #planehips #ineedyoga #dancer #underarmour

This one time on tour I brought my left over pizza to Target and smacked @scott_myrick across the face with it.

Morning photo shoot.
Directed by @lizguerrieri
Inspo: some basic yoga girl with a bible verse caption.

If I had to explain myself in 1 photo. THIS would be it. 🏆
#ineedaTIDEpen #easterdinner #howdoigetwineoutofmytshirt

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