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Dani Vitale  💃🏼Pro Dancer, 👟Under Armour Athlete, 👯Choreographer, 💁Teacher & 📝Writer Fallonemartin@gmail.com


I definitely sneezed while simultaneously taking a sip of my drink in this photo ❤️thank you to these people & to everyone who sent me loving messages etc yesterday! thank you from the bottom of my heart for closing out another great year with me and wishing me well into what I think is going to be a great year ahead ☺️ OH & to my brother for getting all my friends drunk where we took the initiative and turned a chill bar, into a DWTS opening number 🤦‍♀️😂

Whoever says ballet has to be boring is wrong. I love teaching a traditional Russian class, but when it comes to choreography I love exploring technique with some "new age" flare 🔥 here are my lovely students at nationals doing "their favorite routine" FADE :) love you ladies congrats on a great year xo and let's get ready to put in WORK this year⭐️ @bellasilecchio @gracie17s @julia.chesson @dilynndarling @elyssa.williams @madi.noel @meganbeausoleil @sarah___call
#dance #ballet #fade #kanyewest #choreography #balletteacher #danceteacher #

When I shot this series with @rachel_link & @underarmourwomen I was SO NERVOUS because she shoots HUGE athletes and it was my first big thing with them. I was trying to do "perfect" dance poses until halfway through she stopped me and said "Dani, just be in your element. I am not here, I need you to mentally go somewhere else and just dance, do your process and I will follow." As corny as it sounds now, she was right. I was like a little soldier waiting to be told what to do, where to put my hands and if my knees were to be bent. And Under Armour's mission isn't about perfection. I left my artistry at the door and I needed to find it. I teared up while free styling because it was so freeing to just let perfection go and do what I love. sometimes the story behind a cool photo is even cooler.✌🏼 #underarmourwomen #dancer #dance

Sorry not sorry the @ddlovato house party tour, 8 cities in 6 days 💋 left @audreydouglass & I the best dance circle handlers ever. Call us for your next communion party, graduation, bar mitzvah or funeral😂
#snshouseparty #snshousepartytour #demilovato #sorrynotsorry #songisstuckinmyhead

My 1990 squad.

Waking up on this tour every morning like.. 💤

Well, I found my hamstrings after 150 single dead lifts! Thanks @sugarfoot_therapy 😩😅😂 #dancer #physicaltherapy #train #exercise #hamstrings #activation #underarmourwomen #mistycopelandline

Vegas & I needed you this past week @nickjonas lol #vegasarchives #ptp

My face when they are teaching ME things about snap chat and pop culture lol #stopgrowingup 😢😂 "what do you mean that boy said that to you?! YOU GIVE ME HIS NUMBER AND ADDRESS RIGHT NOW." Is normally what I say to them 😂

This is me hanging out in my garage.

#tbt Because summer time reminds me of sharing the stage with all of these bad asses. 🔥🔥🔥yes it was THAT loud in there that you could only hear the bass during the dance breaks 🙉😁 & watching this makes me proud because an agent once told me: "dani, you will never dance for Rihanna, you aren't edgy or tall enough" #byefelicia #doubtmenow after over a dozen shows with her. ✌🏼
#monstertour #rihanna #eminem #dancer #wherehaveyoubeen #hardestnumber #fakeittillyoumakeit 😂

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