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Dani Vitale  Pro Dancer. Choreographer. Teacher. Creator. Movement coach. ❗️Class every TUESDAY @iafcompound 8:30-10pm 2018 REEL BELOW ⬇️

Big night tonight‼️@panicatthedisco performing on @nbcthevoice FINALE TONIGHT! ———————————————
Did some moves with @brendonurie. Even though he teaches me all the fortnite moves... go team 🌀
@tonytouchmarino @zackcloudhall
@slaughteration @paulmorente
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Welcome to my 7 Nation Army.💁‍♀️ I was so honored that all of these ladies came to class! We are all never in the same country at the same time! Anytime I’d look out I would get the biggest smile on my face.
I DID have to bribe them with margaritas at Mexicali after to film, because we definitely over think it 😂
When the sexiest pros come out to play in my class I HAVE TO FILM THIS GOODNESS:
@heylarajaye ————————————————————-
📹: @officialchehon 🏠: @iafcompound 👠: me ————————————————————-
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I bought these shoes right before class and was so excited to dance in them lol 👠 #whitestripes #sevennationarmy #heels #dance #dancer #choreography

FINALLY got these bad bitches to come out and play. 🥰
When I first moved out here and was taking classes, there were so many working pros that I could watch and learn from the entire time in class. Now there’s such a lack of that and these students don’t have amazing examples to learn from in class other than the teacher and hopefully an assistant. I want my class to be a safe space for pros to let go and not feel pressure all while the students get to learn even more by having extraordinary examples in class. Yes focus on yourself, but be aware if there are gems in a class that you can learn from. Do your research. So thank you ladies for coming and rocking out with me and the dancers who have been coming weekly!

Class last night was a dream 👠

Happy Friday everyone. 🖤
Here is my dog Mia napping, cuddling with her stuffed rat.
Have a great evening 👍

➖ I’m talking to myself at night because I can’t forget ➖

The combo is with A CHAIR ❗️ 8:30-10pm @iafcompound ————————————***HEELS CLASS***
(txt me for guest spots)

THIS was a hard combo to teach and learn because of the music style butttt they CRUSHED it ❗️—————————————-At the end of class I was walking back to the computer for us to do the combo one more time and I asked “did anyone learn anything tonight?” THEY ALL RAISED THEIR HANDS WITH SUCH ANXT. I teared up listening to their extremely detailed descriptions of what they were taking home that night. THAT. Is the greatest feeling. I was so nervous that night sitting in my car before class thinking no one would show up because of the holiday and....because of my dumb insecurities 🙋‍♀️. These are those classes I’ll never forget. Thank you dancers . So much 🖤
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I’m a fool. 🖤 @officialchehon

I may have been dancing to Blue (Da Ba Dee)

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