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⚜️ Danisha Carter ⚜️  Singer • Songwriter • Actress | Egypt / NY / Las Vegas Snapchat: danishacarter4 | follow ur dreams and stfu | ملكة مصر

: Telling me I'm problematic is like telling me I'm beautiful. I know I've got a big ego, I really don't know why it's such a big deal though. 💋

: spent all day catching up on sleep finally. Also, it's super annoying to know people who choose and compartmentalize their friends based on how high they want to social climb. Can't wait to be a billionaire and not do ANYTHING for ANYONE.

: ocean blue island gyal 🌴

: now let's talk about decoration. it should be harmonious. it should be elevated through pure form. architecture is just the beginning. the aim of art is to create space. never a veneer, always a magnifying glass. 🔍

: ♡♡♡

: 🕊🌿

is the Sun God.

: Good morning. Day one; I demand to be surrounded by gold.

: just a reminder before u come for me that I have no feelings and u probably do 🕷

: follow the code, ain't no love for these hoes, if you slip and you fall - I got u my nigga hold on. 🕊

: What I lack in skill and motivation I make up for in delusions of grandeur ✨

New York girls with staaaaank attitudes 💫

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