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DANIELLE RESHA  CF-L3 - @BradyOmelett @TomBrady @CrossFit128 @sharpentheaxe @acumobility @fitaid @redlinegr @nova3labs 👸

The only person scaling Regionals training more than me is my mom! @cupcakekerry1 crushing a nice 35# 🔥
#MomsThatKindaWorkout #CrossFit #RoadToRegionals

I haven’t had the best year but I am always happy to get an invite to Regionals 👻

On every rep I feel like there’s a solid chance I will fall on my face.
#Danger #CrossFit #Dog

Crashed these guys team training today! Always fun working out with them... but they go so hard 💀😬😅
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@jamiejoyce2 @chelsey.grigsby @teddisaurus_rex @nfkingkong
#CrossFit #PoweredByPhilz

Got a $13 Friday the 13th tattoo at @thetruetattoo! 👻🤘. Thanks @jonezyzaps!

It’s been 4 weeks of basically no training and I think I’m ready to slowly get going again...

10 front squats at 225# was a win for the day! Let’s see how I feel tomorrow 💀
#MisFitAthletics #Dog #Ball #CrossFit

After taking two weeks off to improve my health, I thought my wrists would have healed up a bit too but nah they still hurt!!
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This is my daily wrist routine to help loosen up my forearms and to relieve some wrist pain. Got most of these from @bryanmillertime 😎 Add a dog in there to make it more exciting.
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#CrossFit #Dog

First time using the @rxsmartgear evo rope and triple unders be soooo easy!!! I used @jamiejoyce2’s last week and I neeeeded to have my own. This rope is 8’0”, about 6” shorter than what I normally use annnnd it’s @Patriots colors (check my story) 🔥 .

#TripleUnders #MisFitAthletics #BradyOmelett #CrossFit

Probably the only item you can’t find at Target.

If you don’t have a dog then you don’t understand. ❤️👯‍♀️ #BESTFRIENDS

Reasons to be friends with Jamie:
1. @thebakedbear; two cookies filled with cookie dough ice cream, whipped cream and sprinkles
2. @cornerjoint; mac and cheese/flaming hot cheeto pizza, al pastor burger.

#SoFrickingFat #TheOpenIsOver

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