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Come see me today at the SPANISH FORK, UT FAIRGROUNDS for the best in beauty for Fall and Winter! We will be there from 10a-6p!

@madluvvbrows stencils: time saver, moneymaker.

Mmm hm. πŸ’…πŸ»

Ladies and Gents, I'm so excited to be a part of this project! On the 8 of every month, lets give a damn and do something nice for someone else! If you've done something nice for someone today comment below with an 8!
Here's a little more about the movement from the creator, herself @ginacrottswriter : "It’s a day to serve those around you, to find those who are in need, and Give a Damn! I have chosen the 8th of EVERY month for this project because the symbol 8 represents, what goes around comes around, as kindness often does! I am encouraging all of you to join me in this social mob of serving those around you. Yes, this is something we should focus on daily, but on the 8th of every month, I am asking you to say β€œI Give a Damn” and be more aware of those in need."

Wearing Power Lips as a blush today... it blends out so nicely! In the shade "Determined," it's a gorgeous nude perfect for Fall and this dress 😘

I mean I'm not sayin', but I'm just sayin'... πŸ’…πŸ»

After you get your brows microbladed you aren't allowed to wash your face for 24 hours or get them wet at all for 5-7 days. This makes clean skin a little tricky, but the makeup removing wipes from @maskcarabeauty are perfect for this occasion. Truthfully, I don't wash my face, I just use these! They smell divine and have micellar technology (which basically means they're dirt magnets)! Holler if you wanna snag some!

No brows to some brows. We sat her up every pass because she was SO nervous. When she felt good we stopped! I told her we can always add more at the touch up if she got used to this and want them darker and thicker!

😍😍😍😭😭😭 The reason I love microblading and makeup goes so much deeper than vanity. It helps women feel as beautiful as we see them with out it! Did she NEED brows? No. Does she feel more confident now because of them?! YES!
A woman that is confident cannot be stopped, and that is true beauty.

Is this real life? 😻😻😻

NOW BOOKING! DM for pricing and availability! Spots go quick so hit me up!

My sweet client had next to zero brows and was having a major panic attack this morning about them not looking natural! We went as feathery as possible but still giving her that definition!

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