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danikathibault  No kween

Wait...You’re a model AND a #fulltimeadventurer? But you’re just one person!!!

Shout out to everyone who hasn’t left the @evocarshare home zone this May long weekend!!!!!!! #MayLong2018

Omigod I didn’t even REALIZE someone was taking pics 🙈

Bulking season.

Posture has officially reached peak Bernie Sanders.

Voice of a generation.

My budget standing next to the price of apartments in Vancouver.

Drown me in carbonara.

Take a drink every time someone captions ‘I only love my bed and my momma, I’m sorry.’

This new law where all women have to caption waterfall pics “don’t go chasing waterfalls 🌈” is insane!!!

22 consecutive years of the 🐀.

My last brain cell jumping ship when I try to read something over 140 characters.

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