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My Life in the Laundry Room: A Memoir. 🙋🏼‍♀️ But really, how do you all handle laundry in your home? We’ve been having each boy do their own (with supervision) and being responsible for putting everything away. It’s not bad and works well most of the time, but I feel like there has to be a better system. Considering having a “laundry day” each week- getting ahead of it rather than waiting until the hamper is full which can leave me with way too many loads at once. Tell me your system- I’m all ears!

7 might be my favorite age yet. Although in my mind he is still a tiny baby. 👶🏼😍

I love every single one of you! Thank you for being here. Sending this badass double rainbow viewed from our back deck straight to you, wherever you are. ✨

16 months old tomorrow! I can’t even believe it! 💞

I woke up this morning after having a dream about my Dad, where, over a plate of spaghetti he told me happy birthday and was very adamant that I wait to go swimming for 30 minutes after I eat, always. We discussed this (in my dream) and he said it’s not just about eating a delicious meal then swimming, there is a deeper meaning there for what everything is all about. He kept saying think, think, think. I felt confused in my dream but when I woke up I felt so happy. I got to eat dinner with my Dad! It was like we were really together and as strange as it may be to feel ecstatic over a dream, it’s all I have. I got ready for the day feeling at peace. It felt like we got to check in. So then in between filming a couple work videos I decided to take a photo of my face to document how happy I feel today. I took two but the toothy grin looked insane so here we are. And then I thought more about what Dream Dad told me and it makes more sense- kind of enjoy, enjoy, enjoy- but don’t always rush on to the next. Sometimes it’s okay to just be right where you are. ❤️

S U N D A Y // New board for @hch3 means a new/old board for Charlie. Fun morning watching these three. And FYI if you happen to see Charlie at the skatepark, he can teach you how to skateboard. He was offering lessons to everyone, since he’s an expert now with about 30 collective minutes under his belt. 😅

My Dad passed away soon after we moved in. I was down at my parents’ as much as possible leading up to that, and we had so many things to handle following his death that I felt like I never really was here to just BE in our new home. But now things have slowed down and I feel like I can breathe a little. I am enjoying sitting outside on the back deck as the sun goes down, cooking in our kitchen as much as possible, and now beginning to put the house together- getting furniture, putting stuff up on the walls, all of it. I’m so overjoyed to be here. I’m excited to be home and have my focus on the house, and I’ll try to remember to share more of the process as I (slowly) make decisions- then change my mind 2x and then most likely go back to my original choice! 😅💕

This photo is the cutest! 😂😍 @tburr78 and @hch3 and a Saturday night of UFC and pizza. And as for me, I’m looking forward to going to bed by 9pm. 🙌🏻🙏🏻🙌🏻

The summer of Harry Potter. On Book 6 and loving it. ✨📚❤️

The amount of joy a salted avocado brings to this child could light up the world. 😅🥑

I love you and America. ❤️🇺🇸

Last night I went on a special date with my two sweet boys to the rodeo. Just look at these handsome cowboys! And unlike me who wears cowboy boots just a few times a year, these boys are legit thanks to my in-laws and their ranches. It’s so funny to me what a different childhood they’re having here in Arizona, than what I had growing up in New Jersey. I also wonder if one day they’ll be interested in participating in all of this rodeo stuff which is really such a big deal in our little town (also so foreign to me!). We’ll see! Hank snapped some photos of us which turned into some dancing, and I can’t help but smile when I look at this- these boys are growing so fast and I just really, really love this stage we are in right now. 😍

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