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❤️ My Old Man Marley ❤️

Our great White Wonder Potato Bane.... this cold weather is always rough on our old guys... but this winter seams to be getting Bane... there’s gonna have to be a vet visit soon to take a look at his back... but for now... he and his brothers are as spoiled as very #spoiledrottendogs

Auntie got to spend some time with one of my favorite furry nephews today ❤️ Mr. Gus butt is the best distraction @ironhidebootcamp ❤️ thank you my bestie @gingersmashin for bringing him in today ❤️❤️ @ironhidecrossfit official mascot ❤️ #lovemyfurrynephew

Been working focusing on my push-up form... it’s not easy but it’s slowly paying off... getting stronger little by little everyday @ironhidebootcamp now I really need to focus on keep my damn elbows in....

Woke up feeling like dog shit today.... so here’s some dead lifts from @ironhidebootcamp yesterday.... happy Friday y’all

Working on my flexibility... first attempt at Chakrasana... the wheel.... (learning all the names as I go lol) It felt a LOT better then I thought it would... no where near a fell wheel but it’s a start.... #practiceiseverything

Today’s the first time I’ve gotten my face to the wall on wall walk since my injury.... felt good too!! No weird twingy feeling... did two walks and called it good... definitely don’t want to push it and hurt myself again... cuz ain’t nobody got time for that 🤘 @ironhidebootcamp
#wallwalks #progress

House is on quarantine.... sooo got to work on some Christmas presents 😊

Awe you know.. @gingersmashin is just my warm up weight... no big deal... isn’t that right @chadandrews777 lmao!!! Love our fam ❤️🤘❤️ @ironhidecrossfit @ironhidebootcamp

The last three days have been all celebration.... celebrating my dads birthday Thursday.... celebrating the Marine Corps birthday yesterday with my dad and all his boy who’ve served and so many other guys who have severed our country... and celebrating our veterans today .... no words can explain how thankful I am for all of them and everyone who has served and is serving our country!! They are the ones who make this country great... they are the men and women who give all everyday.... I was raised by a Marine... I am beyond proud of my father... along with my uncles who have all severed..... They deserve the respect of everyone and should be given thanks every day for all they have given!!! I was raised to give thanks to our veterans everyday!! We are blessed to wake up everyday free... because of those who serve!!! Today and everyday I say thank you to all who are in our military and have been!!

Tired AF.... here comes Friday 🤘#adultingsucks

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