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Back up lunch.... realized last night that my turkey "chili" meal prep has been messing with my tummy hardcore this week... i was in so much pain last night I couldn't sleep.... I guess I made it to spicy for my sissy little tummy... gave it to my nephew and he said it's not spicy at all lmao!!! Stupid sensitive stomach... #stupidtummy

After a killer workout @ironhidebootcamp it's time to soak these legs and arms ❤️ loved this @victoriassecret chillin bath bomb ❤️ smelled sooo pretty ❤️#bathbomb #bathtime #soaking

Also today @ironhidebootcamp was my first attempt at wall walks since I jacked up my forearms.... definitely not near were I was and I need to work on my hand placement... not gonna lie was super nervous to try these but they felt good.... made sure I had my trusty @rocktape on and my @wodwearco wraps.... thinking I'm ready to SLOWLY start working on them again... soaked my arms this evening just to be safe... cuz this mamas got goals and don't want to deal with injuries again... *I don't own the rights to any of the music in the background* #progressnotperfection

Loved me some weighted sumo squats today @ironhidebootcamp got my quads looking like Oh my god 🤘 the bestie got us sweating today for sure love you @gingersmashin #ohmyquad I do not own the rights to the music in the background!

Breakfast is pretty simple... we had left over scramble egg mix (I pre crack and mix our eggs for camping and out them in a jig... less mess and easier to pack and keep cool without worried about cracked eggs in a cooler lol) for the potatoes I just dice them up toss them in a pan drizzle a little EVOO and some @flavorgod ranch seasoning... pan fry until soft and a bit crunchy. Then weigh and put into containers. I measured out each day at ▪️100g of eggs
▪️100g for red potatoes
And day of I add 1 Tbsp of @tessemaes organic ketchup

River side is the best side.... wishing I was there right now..... #riversidedreaming #wishiwasthere #happieroutside

So this weeks lunch was inspired by @shanrae24_ moms home made chili that I went total fat kid on this weekend... literally could not stop myself from stuffing my face till it hurt... ugh I'm a sucker for amazing home made chili (FYI it's one of the fastest way to my heart lol) sooo I decided to try my hand at a healthy "chili" style prep... and I'm honestly pretty happy about it!!! Here's the recipe:
▪️1lb of ground turkey ▪️1lb of ground chicken ➰Mix both in a pan, I added @flavorgod dynamite seasons... it's a little on the spicy side for me since I'm a spicy wosse lol but it is also the perfect chili spice. I portioned my turkey chicken mix out to 4.5 oz each meal...
▪️1/4 cup organic dark red kidney beans @simpletruth4u ➰ drained and washed... do not cook!! I just measure and add right to my containers... I don't like mush beans so I cook then as little as possible... I've found they are perfect when I reheat them with my lunch...
▪️1/2 cup white rice
➰for a 5 day prep I cook up dried 2 cup rice in 4 cups of water.... add water to a medium pot add a dash of EVOO and bring to a boil... add rice to pot then cover and lower heat... I turn mine down to 3 on the burner... let it alone to do its thing and in about 20 mins or so you'll have my idea of perfect rice 😊 ▪️ 1Tbsp Sweet Baby Rays BBQ right over the beans....

A little break down of this weeks meal prep... the last week was a total blur and cluster.... so decided to keep it simple and easy this week🤘 #winwin ▪️wake up: coffee and protein powder (not pictured)
▪️Breakfast: scrambled eggs and red potatoes ▪️Lunch: rice, ground turkey and chicken with red beans and BBQ sauce ▪️Snack: @oatmegabar ▪️pre/post workout: @1stphorm megawatt, creatine, Phormula-1 and Ignition
▪️Dinner: kept open to be able to eat with my family
And at least one bottle of @livekombucha have the option for a 2nd depending on how my tummy feels... so that's what I'm eating for the next 5 days... this weeks macros are a little different from normal... this prep is sitting at Carbs 40% fats 25% protein 35% I'm interested so see how my body like this balance... #alwayschanging #trialanderror

My beautiful girlfriend @zoomstick got me this wonderful amethyst necklace on her last trip ❤️❤️❤️ I adore it beyond words ❤️❤️ I love you babes ❤️❤️❤️ thank you for being my girl ❤️❤️❤️#mygirlfriendrocks #amethyst

This guy right here ❤️❤️❤️ he is not just my dog he is one of my children.... last night I though I held him for his last breath.... suddenly out of literally no where he collapsed in our back yard.... thankfully myself and my brother in law were on the back deck only feet away from him... I rushed down to grab him while my brother in law went to get my husband... When I got to him he looked like her was having a seizure but then he stoped breathing.... I began CPR... when Troy got into the house he took over compressions and I gave him mouth to nose.... after what seamed like forever he finally started breathing again.... thank the stars we brought him back!!!! It took a while for him to get his mobility back and he for sure has been groggy.... we're keeping a very close eye on him and we are back at the vet right now for some test.... #sothankful #scaredshitless #almostlosthim
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D you know that feeling when you're going the bathroom and it's like something is in the tub hiding behind the curtain just watching you????? We sure do in this house!! 👻

Cuddling with my boys ❤️

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