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DANI ROCHE  Design & Direction ~ #ForbesUnder30 Owner @kastorandpollux Co-owner @schoolbykp Prof @sheridan_college CD @biannualbrand daniroche.com

Gave my Disney World aficionado parents the best (early Christmas) gift of all: an @away suitcase to accompany them on their travels to Magic Kingdom (and beyond). Muahaha XD #TravelAway

Exclusive print I designed for today’s @bumble_canada #BumbleGivesBack guests 🌼

Thanks for a great year of interesting first dates and new connections @bumble_canada :’) ❤️❤️ So pleased to have hosted today’s Holiday lunch, bringing new/old friends together over a series of afternoon glasses of wine and empowering conversation in support of @camhfoundation @dressforsuccess @rethinkbreastcancer @raisingtheroof_cheztoit @saveourscruff #BumbleGivesBack

New @guccibeauty alert! The Gucci Bloom Deluxe Edition bottle has ~vintage flare~, but the same rich floral scent as the original Bloom imagined by Alessandro Michele. Featuring a retro-inspired black bulb and tassel atomizer spray, the bottle has found it's way into my fragrance collection -- just in time for the holidays.  #INBLOOM #ad #GucciBeauty

In conversation with @maeganfidelino, about power. For @ephemera.magazine Issue 5, available at http://shop.kastorandpollux.com @easytigergoods @likelygeneral @typebooks @i.m.p.o.r.t @habitcoffee @skylightbooks ✏️✏️✏️✏️ “With power, comes a conversation about authority as well. I think about authority a lot, and what authority means in our everyday lives as well as in our institutions. In school, professors and figures of authority have the power to pass or fail us. They have the opportunity to enhance our learning experience, or to really hinder it because maybe their personal views are very insular, or they’re not open-minded, or they’re unsupportive. Now that I’m a professor, I feel the responsibility of being a good “authoritative” figure. It has forced me to be self-reflective.
Firstly, what did I do to deserve this position of power or authority? Secondly, am I qualified? And along with qualifications comes this complex about imposter syndrome. Have I been granted this opportunity because of my age? Was I hired because I’m a novelty - someone who is youthful and relatable people doing their undergrad? Or someone who is aspirational?”

Picture by @yudnguyen for @ephemera.magazine’s 5th issue on POWER (which just landed at the @kastorandpollux studio). Stay tuned, and purchase at http://shop.kastorandpollux.com

This morning, Anita Hill said “Women aren’t willy nilly making accusations against men.” And I think this is something we, as a society, often forget. These sentiments - a disbelief or a denial of women’s claims - are systemic and patriarchal, and they ultimately place a greater value on a man’s economy than a woman’s.

I’ve been wanting to write something about this for a while now, and in light of a powerful keynote from Professor Anita Hill at @canadianwomensfoundation’s #ExchangeYYZ, I am emboldened to give my two cents.
Fear of a loss of opportunity, or fear of being displaced or ostracized in spaces that operate like high school popularity contests, used to intimidate me. But there are a lot more intimidating, scary things that are happening close to home, and I certainly know that I haven’t - and won’t - be getting any opportunities by way of these spaces.

How many stories did it take for the public to see Bill Crosby as a predator? And in our own city, how many accusations must be made against certain public figures before we’re able to challenge power dynamics and protect younger generations?

Cont. in slideshow

Probably never going to be hangry again, thanks to @AmericanExpress Canada’s Global Dining Collection! With my Business Platinum Card, I get access to recommendations and priority reservations at the best restaurants (and sometimes, even special benefits - like a complimentary glass of champagne or an amuse bouche :)) Check out the link in my bio for more deets! #AMEXLIFE #Ad

But first, coffee!! LOOOLS!!! :P 
Just your luck, @fidomobile customers! This week's #FIDOXTRA offer gets you a FREE medium coffee/tea from Second Cup -- today until December 5! Check your Fido Mobile app for barcode. #Fido_Partner

Toronto — get your holiday shopping out of the way!!! We’re doing a @kastorandpollux studio / closet sale!!! Selling housewares, furniture, props, new makeup, and lightly worn clothing (XS-M) and shoes (US 6-7)! $2-$60, cash or EMT.
Tag your friends! DM me WITH DATE AND PREFERRED TIME to book an appointment.
Thursday, December 6 / 1pm-5pm
Saturday, December 8 / 11am-2pm

Do you want to feel relaxed? Uplifted? Energized? Creative? Focused? Sleepy? Do you want to wear a tube top and lounge casually on the floor like me??? Well, @liftandco's new product recommendation tool is NOW LIVE, and will give you recommendations so you can any (or all) of the above (except maybe that last one). Check this link to learn more: http://bit.ly/LiftCoDaniRo. #liftandco #ad

New @biannualbrand looks on biannual.com with campaign by @sashafro ❤️ ft @tessadotgourin
We’re available at @theofficialselfridges @barneysny @token_token_token to name a few. Smoochies

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