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I’m reallyyy good at sleeping. 😴 Except on planes. That takes real talent. #sleeplife #howcanimakemoneywiththis

The classic “fake-cell-phone-call”. I do this all the time when I want to sneak out of a party without saying bye to anyone. “Hello?..yea I’ll come get you.” -“Brb guys!” ...and to the nearest taco truck I go 😎. Try it!

Got to rub elbows with the very talented peeps from @happydeathdaymovie If you thought the first one was good, wait til you see this one. Thanks for having me @kevintdon @thechrislandon !

Here’s a little bit of my leg day workout. Been having to ease back into my leg routine since my ankle injury. So that means super-light to no weight for me.
These air squats always help me figure out my natural squat stance, as not everyone has the same. I start with my heels planted around shoulder width apart. I let my toes point naturally where they want to (not too far outward) and then I test it and readjust my width until my knees feel comfortable thru the entire motion.
The other two exercises are make-shift workouts for calves and booty. Calves have always been my struggle so getting what little I had 8 weeks ago back, is at the top of my list! #littlebylittle and Remember to always stick that chest and booty out in order to keep your back straight. Looks silly but es muy importante. 💪🏻 🍑
Let me know if this was helpful and I’ll post more 🤷🏻‍♂️ 🎶 Song: “lock doh” by: @officialgiggs feat: @donaeo

Wasn’t ready.

Back when my pre-fractured-ankle let @kurthump have 1st place. Just look at it, (my left one) so sturdy, and selfless and grounded. 😪 #youwillbouncebackevenstronger

Sees rain. *Cancels everything*
📸 @briankaminski

Who else has never seen Beetle Juice?

Inventors of fashion.

Say this out loud: “Rise Up Lights”.
Congratulations, you just said the word “Razorblades” in a perfect Australian accent. You’re welcome.
Also, I just shaved for the first time in 6 weeks. 🧔🏻➡️ 👶

Mexican Coca-Cola is the best Coca-Cola.

Heyyyy I recognize that guy! ..One of my favorite shoots got published and arrived in the mail today! “Out In The Woods” by the very talented @bjpascual - thanks for sending me a copy! 🙏

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