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Daniels Laizāns  📍 WORLDWIDE • @VIAFORTIS Athlete • Street Workout WORLD CHAMPION 2017 • 2x WORLD CUP Winner • Business Inquiries - danielslaizans@gmail.com 📩

I be staying in my lane never switching, you ain't making shit I guess that's why you always bitching

Tired 24/7/365

You sleep like you're rich. I'm up like I'm broke.

Average is the new broke

This SATURDAY 25th of August 🇺🇸 we'll be at @world_calisthenics_org BATTLE OF THE BARS 32 taking part in a huge 8 man tournament! 🏁 Battling my broski @thomas_kurganov in the qualification round! Everyone's welcome to @thefitexpo ANAHEIM! This is gonna be NUTS!!! 💸🤘🏼 #wco #botb #botb32 #battleofthebars #battleofthebars32 #thefitexpo #calisthenics #freestylecalisthenics

People with passion make the impossible happen 💎 HIGH FIVE w/ @melanie.driessen #VIAFORTIS #santamonica #musclebeach #losangeles #california

Imma go in and you can go out, you'll never get anywhere runnin' that mouth

A lot of people used to call me crazy, now they sayin' what I'm doing is amazing

Fuck 'em and pull up and then do the dash 🎶💰 Flexin' with my son for @kreisaiskrastsriga #flekksinonemchallenge #flekksinonem #flex @pionieriskk @madjooe_brotherman

Bring something to the table or end up on the menu. #wayoflife #teamlaizans @calisthenics_fam
Catch yourself a discount @calisthenics_fam "LAIZANS10" is the code, they recently came out with some fresh merch 💎

Always on the road, got me feeling like it's destiny

Y'all judging but we're not in court

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