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Damn. Till this day I listen to "Numb" and "In the end" while working out. Depression is a bitch, no one is immune to it. R.I.P . Thank you Chester - The whole wide world.

Today was Hammies 💪🏽probably the only guy who proudly shows his ass gains 😂🤔 anyways, peep that stupid tan line. #Hammies #LEGDAY #Badtan

If you can check all 5 listings , please send a DM. Thanks 💕

Nothing low-key about it...

All black everything.

Black widow is blonde, Captain America has a beard, Spiderman develops spider sense, Thor Lands on the Guardians of the Galaxys ship, Thanos and Loki on the same scene, and Thanos shatters a fucking moon then throws it at ALL the superheroes 😍 #Marvel #infinitywar #d23expo

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Up and personal.

My little sister is definitely the best ❤️ rocking out to #SYSTEMOFADOWN is a usual thing, this time we just caught it on camera. #SOAD #PRISONSONG #Prison @shavoodadjian @johndolmayan_ @serjtankian @daronmalakian @systemofadown

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