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There is little as gratifying as being a positive role-model to a kid. Today, I was asked to participate in the Gainesville Police Department's "HEROES" program, a summer program that targets at-risk youth, and enables them to engage in positive activities, and build healthy relationships with law enforcement. The program was specifically designed to give our local kids something fun and positive to do during the Summer months. The program is backed by a number of community partners, dedicated to enriching the lives of the young people in Gainesville, Florida. Since the HEROES program began in 2014, juvenile arrests during summer months has plummeted more than 63%. Today, we played Laser Tag, had lunch, and spent time mentoring nearly a dozen kids. The best part of these kinds of experiences is that WE learn as much as THEY do.
We often forget, ignore, or take for granted, that the kids in our community are growing up in an environment that fosters positive growth an encouragement. Not every kid enjoys a healthy home life. As a community, we are responsible for ensuring that every kid has an opportunity to grow. If you ever have a chance to volunteer for one of these organizations, I promise you, seeing the smile on the faces of those kids will make it all worth it. If you're in the Gainesville area, and would like to volunteer, please reach out to me, and I'll make sure you're connected with the appropriate leadership. If you're outside the Gainesville area, and would still like to make a contribution, please let me know that too.
It takes a village.

Shooting with the legendary @_jw_photog_ today. Check out my stories for tons of behind-the-scenes action!

When your flight is delayed for hours, you have time to catch up on a little light reading.... Photo Courtesy Of @ZacharyJaydon

If a woman could make me this happy..... @realgoodfoods

If I can’t go out like this, I’m not goin’.... Happy National #SELFIE Day! Now, let me see YOUR beautiful faces!

The greatest privilege of my life has been being a daddy to these two little girls. Theres no greater high than holding onto these hands, and knowing that the worlds’ future rests in the hands of smart, strong and compassionate little ladies, just like them. Not a day will ever go by where they don’t teach me as much as I could ever teach them. I am blessed beyond measure. Happy Father’s Day to all the men AND the women in the world who’ve taken on the responsibilities of daddy duty.
Photo Courtesy Of @ZacharyJaydon

You can take the boy out of the country, but you’ll never take the country out of a boy. #SingWithMe #DanPoolKaraoke

‪Suicide rates are rising. Mental illness doesn’t discriminate or care how much money or success you have. Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. ‬ ‪If you’re struggling you’re not alone. ‬ ‪People are standing by to support 24/7.‬ ‪1-800-273-Talk‬

Where Were You In the Morning - Shawn Mendes #SingWithMe

Men OFTEN write messages to me. 99% of the time, they go something like this: "I hope this doesn't piss you off or offend you, but you're really attractive."
"Hey, Daniel. I'm not gay or anything, but you've really inspired my fitness journey and you should be proud of what you've accomplished." "Hey. No homo, but you seem like a super cool guy. "

Wait. WHAT? No homo? Really, bruh? It's 2018. You're allowed to be gay.

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