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So thankful for these guys! I learn something new every time I’m around them and I’m so challenged by their example! @thisiscornelius is hilarious and calls it like it is and @heatherllove is always bringing truth and encouragement to everyone around her. They’re the real deal!
Also, Roman straight up stole the show tonight! I can already see the brightest future ahead for this little stud!

@brittanypricebrooker got into a fender bender yesterday. Thankfully everyone is fine and by the time I saw everyone, the kid’s version of what had happened was pretty hilarious and elaborate to say the least! Haha
That night, Brit and I were talking about everything that happened and two things stood out.
1. It was a reminder of how much of a gift Brit is to me and how much I love and cherish her! We are under no assumption that life is promised and I’m so blessed that I get to be her first call.
2. Trauma triggers are a real thing. Getting a call in the middle of my work day from Brit = something is wrong. My heart rate spiked and my voice was unexpectedly shaky as I answered. I didn’t think I would be rattled that easily by a call but man, I was. Brit experienced her own trauma triggers and shared about it in her last post.
Bottom line, I love my wife and I don’t care who knows it. We are still healing and recovering from the intense trauma of losing our spouses but it’s a complete gift to be married to my “me too” person. She gets my loss, my trauma and my healing...and I get hers. 📷: @kelseytice

@brittanypricebrooker got new bibles for all the kids this week and they have been so excited about them! Aubrey is all about reading right now so she’s been trying to find all the stories that she knows are in there. Today, she was reading and asked me for a highlighter because she said, “she wanted to highlight her favorite words just like mommy does.” So thankful for my wife being an incredible example and for this season where the kids are starting to do this on their own! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

@brittanypricebrooker and I are coming down with man colds (much more serious than regular colds 😂) But here’s a pic of the crew from earlier this week!

There’s an old saying that comes to mind....”Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care.” And for that exact reason, I’ve come to love and respect these two in the short time I have known them. So thankful for the obvious impact @johnnymhunt and @janetahunt have had on Brittany’s life by caring and being consistent through every season...as a young girl, a new wife, a grieving widow and single mother, and now as my wife.
I was literally hanging on to every word spoken by these two last night and I left encouraged, inspired and thankful for the way God has blessed @brittanypricebrooker and I with wonderful friendships and examples of what a Godly life should look like.

I’m so thankful for this woman. She has lived out her faith beautifully even on her hardest days and is always points hurting hearts to Jesus...including mine.
So inspired by her and so in love with her!

My people...I love them so much!

My beautiful wedding date!
Congratulations to the bride and groom! We sure do love the Apon family!

I was recently challenged to ask God to give me a clear picture of what my family should look like. Looking back, I can’t really say that I’ve just straight up asked God for something like that before. It has looked more like me praying for wisdom and vision then setting goals for my family to accomplish. But this time, I just went with it - I asked God for a clear picture of what my family should look like and He answered...with a circle. My first thought....ok, not sure what that means, God. Then two explanations came to mind immediately that gave me perspective and I wanted to share.
So here are the two explanations:
1. No matter which direction the enemy approaches from and no matter which member of the family is attacked, the enemy will see the same seamless strength and defense because we are a family united in prayer and purpose who will not be distracted or tempted away.
2. No matter which member of our family others are talking to or spending time with, they will see the same love for Jesus and the same heart for others displayed. There will be no partiality or prejudice, only truth spoken in love.
I’m pumped about this picture of our family...seamless in our defense against the attacks of the enemy and synced up in the way we love God and those around us.
These are goals that I’m praying over and leading my family towards but we are definitely not there yet. The obvious reality is our family didn’t start together and the statistics say that our blended family is supposed to struggle to bond, adjust awkwardly, and have a hard time setting healthy boundaries. And honestly, all those things have been true at some point over the last 15 months. But our Savior says that He sees our pain, our frustrations and our desire to be whole. He sees the enemy trying to exhaust and distract us from accomplishing anything that would bring purpose and healing to us and others and He absolutely sees the enemy looking for a crack in our circle and every other family out there. The enemy is all about sneaking in and destroying anything that brings God glory. And if you are a family with a purpose, you have probably already....[to read the rest...link in profile]

One of the most humbling responsibilities I’ll ever have is loving you well and helping you navigate where you have been and where you are going.
You’re pretty much smarter than me already and your memory is a complete gift from God that allows you remember all the moments and people who have helped shaped your life.
My love for you continues to grow.
Happy 6th Birthday Peyton...I love you, son!

Ministry can look very different for each person. For some, it happens from stages. For others, it happens in conversations and everyday moments. But no matter where you find yourself right now, ministry is recognizing the opportunities in front of you and using your unique experiences and gifts to point hearts to Jesus.
So thankful for each opportunity!

Of course, I don’t mind doing it with my beautiful wife by my side!

Family vacation 2018 is in the books! What a week filled with more memories and stories than I expected. The kids were hilarious and exhausting! And as much fun as we had, we’re all glad to be back home!

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