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This was moments before Peyton, Evan and Nathan’s first time at the movies and moments after Ethan realized he was thirsty. Story of our life. #blendedfamily

I think most of us would say that we are ok with God’s plan being better than ours...as long as it’s a better version of our plan. But how many of us are really ok with God’s plan once we realize it may be different than ours?
Everyone in this picture is living a life that is much different than what we planned and we still have questions that won’t be answered on this side of Heaven. But we’re not gonna stomp our feet and pitch a fit until we get our way and our answers or be miserable the rest of our life. We’re going to trust in the same God who showed up and comforted us in our worst moments and we are going to live our best life right now, even if that means figuring out the balance of hurt and healing and blending all at the same time.
We have a responsibility to be a light right where are are, to be there for each other and to point hearts to the same hope that has carried us through to this point...the hope that is only found in Jesus!
#blendedfamily #widow #widower #grief #healing

I love you...not because of what you do, but because of who you are!

I love them both so much!

These people get it...they have felt the same pain, the same healing and the same call to point hearts to Jesus and encourage others where they are. It’s life-giving to see the way that @daveyblackburn and @kristi.blackburn.niw love each other and how they have chosen to take what could have broken them and use it bring healing to so many lives! Love this crew!!!
#nothingiswasted #nothingiswastedpodcast #grief #healing #hope

This is what healing looks like for our family right now...so thankful for the way @brittanypricebrooker asks the right questions and encourages the kids to share what’s going on below the surface. It’s amazing to hear what the kids are processing! #blendedfamily #healing

One of pain’s favorite places to hide is behind a smile. Praying for those who are carrying pain and don’t feel like they can show it around others, much less let them in. Praying you feel the comfort that only Jesus can give and find the hope that takes your eyes off your hurt and keeps them on your healer.
By the way, if your hurting, tell someone. If you’re good, check on someone who smiles a lot! 😉

Maybe I’m just feeling sentimental but I found myself looking at pics of the kids and noticing the way they have grown together so much already. Don’t get me wrong, they can do stuff that will leave me staring at the ceiling at the end of the day but I sure do love this family I’m blessed to lead.
These kids
love each other
fight with each
fight for each other
tattle all the time
Cover for each other some of the time
Hurt each other
Help each other
Laugh at kid stuff together
Cry about grown up pain together
But mostly, I’m seeing that they get each other.
And I pray that this bond that formed fast and strong over the past year only grows stronger in their adult years. So no matter what they face along the way, good or bad, they have each other to go through it together! But for now, I’m just enjoying this crazy, out of control season and thankful that they have each other. #blendedfamily #adoption

Unspoken fears, expectations, other’s opinions, guilt, insecurities, pride, lack of communication and comparison - They can creep into your relationship and begin to rob you of your connection if left unchecked. Be willing to fight for love by having open conversations that are heavy on the listening end.
And yes, @brittanypricebrooker and I are still happily married and deeply in love haha But just like every other relationship, we know that the devil will use any open door available to kill, steal and destroy. We are here to say, he doesn’t get our marriage. He doesn’t get to rob us of our purpose and our passion. Nope, not today!

I’m a fan of anyone who keeps Jesus at the center of their story but this girl....I’m a big fan! I’ve watched her over the past year live out her faith in the most inspiring way and I’m overwhelmed that I get to love her!
If your hurting or hoping...feeling broken or blessed, this podcast with @jamieivey will speak to you! Check it out! [Link in Bio]

We both agreed early on that our pain wasn’t the thing that brought our lives together, it was our purpose. Our reason for bringing two hurting families together into one big bunch had to be bigger than what we could see in front of us. If it wasn’t, the amount of work and emotional energy it takes to blend a family of hurting people would have broken us.
This past year was a fresh start for us and we made so many memories together that I’ll always cherish. We took trips, celebrated milestones, had parties, bonded and shared a thousand “me too” moments. But this past year was also a reminder that you can’t expect the hurt to go away until you face it as many times as necessary with courage and perspective. We have helped each other heal when grief showed up unexpectedly and worked together to walk the children through their emotions time and time again.
Yes, our first year together has been harder and more exhausting than either of us imagined. But it has also been filled with more love and purpose than we could have ever hoped for.
@brittanypricebrooker continues to inspire me by the way she loves the Lord and those around her so beautifully. She builds me up with her words and gives her still fragile heart to me selflessly. She wows me with her beauty and is so much more than I could have ever imagined! Happy Anniversary Baby...I’ll never stop loving you! 📷: @lindsonlife and @kelseytice

Our marriage so far has been a crazy mixture of newlywed dating and family of seven responsibilities. It’s hard to explain what that looks like. But if I had to try, I would say it looks like a romantic dinner followed by a quick run to @target to pick up toothpaste for the kids...all wrapped up with a selfie in the middle of the aisle. #blendedfamily

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