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Daniel Murray | New Zealand  🏔 Landscapes and adventures 📷 Nikon featured photographer ✉️ me@danielmurray.nz 👇🏻 @purephotoadventures.nz 2019 tours!!

Greeting the new day at this iconic location is forever etched in my memory 😍

The last few days have all hit 20 degrees C here in Canterbury... feels like winter is well and truly over! It was just a few weeks ago that I was freezing my fingers off at this incredible spot.

Counting down the days until I’m back in this incredible place... it’s been two years too long!
(p.s. zoom in to find the 🐑!)

The early bird catches the reflection 😍

Am looking forward to the end of this month when I’ll be heading away for a few days with camera in hand, my first proper break since January. On the agenda will be lots of exploring and hopefully finding a few hidden gems like this 🤞🏻

Up close and personal with a Fiordland waterfall. Taken handheld with a shutter speed of 1/80th of a second - the motion blur on the falling water caused by having dropped 150m from above the frame. 😀

Super excited to be launching six @purephotoadventures.nz tours for 2019! We’ve spent a lot of time behind the scenes making sure these NZ tours will be the best adventures ever. Includes a brand new trip ‘Coast to Coast’, a 6 day photo adventure from Fox Glacier in the west to Kaikoura in the east.
For further details and to make a booking follow the link in my bio. ✌🏻

Was great to get away over the weekend on a photography trip in the awesome company of @rachstewartnz and @narellemikkelsen. It was one of only a very few personal adventures I’ve been away on this year - I really must start fulfilling that promise I keep making to myself to get out with the camera more! Alas other day job commitments seem to keep getting in the way.
p.s. I’ll probably write a more detailed post on this at some point, but to the couple of dozen people messaging me on my Stories over the weekend asking “where is this?”, the non-inclusion of specific location details of these special places is deliberate... hence my lack of response. 😊

This winter has been much milder than normal. While enough snow has fallen up high to keep the ski areas reasonably happy, scenes like this just haven’t materialised much at all this year. Hoping the next few weeks bring the cold magic!

Frosty mornings on the doorstep of Nelson Lakes National Park.
(Big thanks to @nurse.louise & @eulee.t for letting me stack my tripod behind theirs!)

Last night I posted this pic after disobeying my own advice not to post anything without first coming back to look at it again in a few days, and especially not after a quick 5 minute processing job. Twenty mins after posting I noticed an issue that, to be fair, probably only I’d pick up, but it was niggling enough that I deleted it.
And so here it is again, this time with niggling issue fixed. 😄

It’s been 3 days since I returned from our @purephotoadventures.nz winter trip and I’m still fizzing! Great times with an awesome bunch of people.
This was my first proper outing with the Nikon D850 and I’m super impressed - it’s an absolute beast! This image is a 2-shot focus stack to help with sharpness from front to back.

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