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Daniel Matishak  Founder/CEO of Mindable Spreading love with our content Pro adventurer - country #38

My friend sent me these gems from Egypt last month. Making home boys/girls all over the 🌍. Travel always shows me the true kindness and warmth of people. We are all put on earth to give love and be loved.

With the help of an Airbnb host and a local social worker we travelled to a village in East Bali that was badly affected by the last earthquake. Mindable made a donation of food and funds to help rebuild. As we evolve as a company, charity will become a larger part of both our culture and business model. Thanks @demcob for the idea to do this and for regularly pushing me to be a better human and give. ❤️

I’ve been obsessed with reptiles my whole life. Being able to see Komodo dragons in the wild was completely terrifying and strangely beautiful. The next video will show you what I mean. The guy holding the camera was a park ranger. He’s never been bit but told me stories of many close calls 😬

Bali just keeps getting more and more beautiful.

The best ideas I’ve ever had, ideas that put Mindable on the board were when I was disconnected from the world. I’m usually in nature, relaxed, with a notebook.
The world is so loud, and is only getting louder. We don’t have much control over what happens in the world, but we do have a lot of control over what happens in our world. To you, it can be as loud or as quiet as you decide.
Off to do my best work ✌🏻

Joining the egyption circus. Please tell my family and friends I love them and don’t tell my dogs what I’m doing.

مسجد محمد علي

Take me back to Greece with this sexy lady #tb

Who’s in next year? #burningman

Happy birthday to one EPIC human. What my brother has accomplished thus far is nothing short of inspirational. Much love @rossandrew ❤️

4 years together and she still makes me smile #r8 #v10 #truelove

My best bud 🐶

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