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Daniel Marandola  -NYC | Iowa Raised | Bartender | Country Boy | Entrepreneur | 6’4” Dork πŸ€“ -Proud to not be perfect, how boring would that be! #BeWeird #ToiletTalk

S U M M E R | B O D Y by @_lagaret_

Progress: forward onward movement toward a destination.

S U M M E R | V I B E S πŸ“Έ @_lagaret_

S U M M E R | V I B E Z | πŸ“Έ @_lagaret_ | BARBER @aronkoynov

HAPPY PRIDE EVERYONE | πŸ“Έ @_lagaret_ | 🎨 @misssherrypiexo

G A Y & P R O U D | πŸ“Έ @_lagaret_ | 🎨 @misssherrypiexo


GLITTER & BE GAY!! #prideweek πŸ“Έ @_lagaret_ 🎨 @misssherrypiexo

PRIDE WEEK VIBES | πŸ“Έ @_lagaret_ 🎨 @misssherrypiexo

🌈 PRIDE 🌈 WEEK IS UPON US! Photo by: @_lagaret_

To the man that taught me to throw a baseball, make a pizza, shoot pool, to be kind to service industry people, the magic that kindness and personal interactions can hold, to learn peoples name and act silly in hopes to make someone smile... the list goes on and on. You are the greatest man I know. Without you I’d be lost. Though I was a monster of a kid, you were always there to catch me when I fell, with compassion and love. I’m eternally grateful for the lessons you have taught me and still continue to teach me to this day! The generous kind heart that you possess is unlike any I’ve ever known. I hope one day to be even 10% of the Father you are, because even just 10% would be pretty incredible. Love you Dad!

Want To Say A Big Thank You To This Guy & @flysundays For Taking Such Great Care Of Me & My Gang Last Sunday For My Birthday! Had The Absolute Best Time!

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