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Today’s braids are tomorrow’s waves...
That’s just good time management!

I don’t always fart in public, but when I do, I let out clouds ☁️ and rainbows 🌈 !

I imagine it must be challenging to have two homes. Some of your shit is at mom's house...some of it is at dad's. There are one set of rules at mom's (cuz she's a type A neat freak) and a different set of "rules" at dad's.
But here's what I know for sure. What challenges us, changes us, and that includes kids. Maybe my kids have to try to remember which house their kneepads are at, or remember that at mom's house you have to make your bed before you go to school, but they will be stronger for it. I don't look at them having two homes as a negative...I actually view it as a positive. My kids will be resilient. They will know how to overcome obstacles. They will be fighters are who are successful in life.
I always joke and say my kids won't become serial killers because their parents got divorced...and while I am partially joking, I am partially not. We put so much weight on kids living in one home with one set of parents, that we forget that it's not the living arrangement that ultimately shapes the kid, it's the loving, warm, and healthy environment that does. It's what they see and hear. It's how they feel. It's knowing they are loved.
So today, I give every co-parent out their permission to release your anxiety about your kids splitting their time between two homes. Because if home is where the heart is, then our kids have two homes filled with big hearts!
#coparenting #lifeafterdivorce #blendedfamily

I am well aware that yoga is more than just cool poses to share on social.

But this small victory of getting a chin stand for like 3 seconds represents overcoming fear and pushing past my limiting beliefs.

Even though I have been practicing yoga for close to a year now, I still catch myself thinking “I can’t do that.” Which is bullshit. I just haven’t put in the hours on the mat required to get it. And, if I keep telling myself I can’t, then I definitely never will.

So here is to my 3 second victory today. It will serve as my reminder that limiting beliefs don’t serve me, that I can do all things, and that faith over fear always wins.

#hotbodyyoga #chinstand #faithoverfear

She didn’t pre-judge me.
She could have.
She could have looked at me and thought, “nah, she’s good. She doesn’t need what I have to offer.”
Thank goodness she didn’t. She looked at me and must of heard my energy whispering to her, “help me. I need you!”
You have heard to never judge a book by its cover and I couldn’t resonate with this more. We all have challenges, and demons, and inner workings that may be crying for help.
Open your eyes and your heart to everyone around you. Feel their energy. Honor their spirit. Your life, and theirs, might forever change for the better.
#motivationmonday #proudnetworkmarketer #powerfulwomen

If a boy doesn’t treat you, the way Darren treats me, that boy isn’t for you.

That’s what we tell my daughters as they embark into the dating world.

But it got me thinking: really I should be sharing that same message with all of you. So... If a man (or woman—you get the point...gender is irrelevant) doesn’t treat you, the way Darren treats me, you need to take a long, hard look at that relationship and reevaluate it.

You should not settle for less than the love and admiration you deserve. Obviously if there is abuse involved you need to get out and seek help immediately. But the absence of abuse doesn’t necessarily mean you are in a healthy and loving relationship.

There will be some of you out there who will argue that love doesn’t matter, or that fairy tales don’t exist, but as someone who has seen both sides of the marriage coin, I am here to tell you it does AND that it affects the way you live, and the way your children live.

So, one more time, so that it really sinks in:
If someone doesn’t treat you, the way Darren treats me, it’s time for you to sit down and reevaluate what steps need to be taken to ensure your relationship is as healthy as it can be. Don’t just focus on your workouts and your nutrition, without putting a significant focus on your love.

My sister in law is my fashion guru. She keeps me up to date on trends and accounts to follow.

Last week she got me hooked on the account @vicidolls and I have been obsessed with their feed. Like stalker status.

This sweater is from there and it’s super cute, pretty affordable, and comes in multiple colors.

But let’s be honest, as cute as this outfit is, the real question is...what will I spill on these white jeans today? Cuz it’s not a matter of IF, it’s a matter of WHEN!

Am I alone in this?


No, I am not pregnant. But I needed you to see the difference between a purposeful inhale and a purposeful exhale so that you would stop beating yourself up.

I don’t just walk around all day looking like the cover of a fitness magazine. When I bend over skin folds. If I am exhaling, my stomach pooches all the way out.

Give yourself a little grace. Don’t strive for a body that is camera ready, rather strive for a body that is adventure ready...ready to take on the adventure of life with strength and ease.


I mean, who wants to wear real pants anyway?

Alright ladies, share your favorite rights brands below, cuz sharing is caring!!!

Headed to #theplatinumedge2018 for a weekend of learning from top leaders in the industry.

I firmly believe when you dress for success, you pay attention and learn differently. When you show up at your best, you absorb information at a higher frequency.

So today’s outfit is:
👚: @centralparkwest 👖 : @express
👢: @rayethelabel

Do you feel you learn better when you are dressed better?

Fades and braids

Even when things go wrong, and trust me, they do...he is alway by my side to remind me of just how right things really are.

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