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Danielle Light 

Tonight was the first time @pjmedina1186 and I have been able to practice in over a MONTH! I missed him! We had fun getting creative - PJ tweaked his wrist so we only worked on skills that can be done without the base's hands. This was really fun and evolved from "how many bird drops can we do in a row?" πŸ˜‚

I have only ever gotten this skill with Aaron and I'm so appreciative of he and Amanda taking me back through the progressions for it - there was a key progression I had completely forgotten.

I finally made it to the monthly all Florida jam in Orlando and had the best time!! This whip machine is so fun - I think it's called Dragonfly Rider? Thanks so much for teaching it to me Aaron and Amanda!
πŸ“½ Elizabeth Lewis

I knew @lukeesenwein would love this move! I was so happy to learn it at the awesome Acrodance class taught by @dancacarolina and @hydrolion at San Diego AcroLove last weekend! I'm looking forward to putting the whole flow together soon.

First airport acro for @heidikins.joy! At SAN headed to MCO

Work in progress! I'm slightly obsessed with the Needle variation of Catherine's Wheel.

Another step towards the full expression of Chinese Dragon! I can go mostly hands free when @lukeeisenwein steadies me by holding a foot here and there πŸ˜‰

Foot to foot with base in shoulder stand! I've never done this before either 😊
Luckily, @kirchmaniac is an AWESOME shoulder standing base!
πŸ“·Luke Eisenwein

Work in progress! First official practice at The Movement Sanctuary and the first time PJ and I attempted to link these whips together. This is really fun and I look forward to doing it better πŸ™ƒ

Thank you so much @acro.jantu for reminding me that I actually *can* do a backbend in flag! At least with you basing me πŸ˜€. πŸ“· @naturecoastyogi whose camera is so far superior to mine it's not even funny.

More Movement Sanctuary grand opening fun! @acro.lance taught me this amazingly fun transition to star. I decided to end it with a space needle but got lazy and came down instead πŸ˜‚
πŸŽ₯ @heidikins.joy

Movement Sanctuary grand opening fun! I've been working on Catherine's Wheel with needle variation off and on for a month or so and it's getting there. I love that @acro.jantu refused to let me fail - look at his reach to get my feet! Also shout out to @reformavi , who has been helping me work on this as well. I love our community!
πŸŽ₯ @naturecoastyogi
P.S. yes, my phone camera is hosed. I'm getting a new phone today hopefully. It will FINALLY be an iPhone!

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