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Danielle Delorefice  Life Coach | Lover of Art | Design | Fashion | Health | Wellness | Fitness | Nutrition | Personal Growth | Dogs | Friends | Family & Beautiful things🌺


Great company and amazing food! Thank you @bigzap @140.6_immermaid @kenneth.e.lewis.5 ❤️

What holds us back from harnessing our inspiration to help empower ourselves and others to live a more creative and fulfilling lifestyle? Tomorrow I will share with you two barriers that hold us back from creating an inspirational life. 🦋✨
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Night at the museum. 🌙✨
#designalifeyoulove #lifesart #renewyouressence

Today’s text tread with my three sisters consistent of Valentines pictures of my niece, nephew’s and our fur-babies. Jasper is so stinking adorable! ❤️

Valentines Day is about Love and Creation. 💕✨
Creativity is our wellspring! It is the spark that ignites our motivation. It is a feeling that resonates within us and transcends in our mind, emotions and physical body.
When we shift our focus from “us” to an awareness of others, asking ourselves how does my creativity bring a sense of light to other individual’s? How can we help to empower others to grow using our creativity in a process that we feel passionate about?
This can come in many different forms; relationships, raising a family, our professional path, the relationship with ourself, movement of the body, and even day dreaming.
Next week I’ll be sharing a video on two barriers that holds us back from our creative process and six ways to harness your creativity, opening up space to an abundance of creation.
Have a beautiful day creating with love and passion. ✨

#stength #flexbility #balance Leads to daily life improvements from the mind, body & spirit ✨🦋✌️

Your best friend allows herself alone time. She does this each day because, it brings her joy. She calls it her, "me time". Allowing herself to do something creative and relaxing. During this time she embraces her thoughts, her beautiful gifts and talents. As well, as her accomplishments. Allowing herself recognition before others. She enjoys her beauty above all. She is her own advocate. Wrapping hers arms around her accomplishments and holding them close.
Her "Inner advocate", what was once vulnerable is now more powerful and resilient! Over shadowing, "the critic" inside of her. She locks and connects with her beautiful power!
Your best friend forgives. She forgives herself before others. Knowing that she is human and perfection holds no value to her kindness. This kindness she values, speaks to her in a mantra;
Relax put the mind at ease
Rest and recharge
Reflect and improve
Release and let go
Move forward and surrender control
Your best friend eats healthy and likes it! She exercises and enjoys it! They consist of her daily routine because, she knows it allows her the clarity to love, create and be of services to others.
She respects herself! By doing this she doesn't allow others to dictate her value. She trusts her intuition and thinks for herself. She forms her own opinions. She doesn't compare herself to others. As she knows she is her own masterpiece to her universe.
She is her own mastermind honoring all her qualities and attributes. Holding them close to her heart.
Your best friend fails. She lifts herself up! She turns to her successes to be her "guiding light". She speaks to herself; "I'm enough, just as I am.
I'm worthy, just as I am.
I'm deserving to have all my heart desires." She honors her dreams. She takes them seriously. She creates plans and uses a multitude of methods to achieve her goals. She believes in herself. She knows her strengths and accepts their power. She owns her weaknesses and nurtures them. Allowing herself to have success and knows that failure is always apart of the life process.
Your best friend. Your advocate. That powerful voice inside your head saying to you, "BE YOU"!
#lifecoach #spiritualcoach🦋✨

This is the #1 thing that makes me the happiest! I love watching my little girls, Pryia and Addie run free with their tongues hanging out and exploring. #mamalove #furbabies #naturewalk

A moment of silence. 🙏
I come here several times per week when it’s quiet. It’s my roots, as I have been brought up Catholic. That is something that will always be with me.
I do believe Spirituality comes in all practices and forms. Some believe in the Universe and some say god. I said this once to a guy on a date. He laughed at me in complete disagreement. Haha! Let’s just say that was our last date! 😂
I feel when we are seeking higher faith, just like when we are seeking to change our physical appearance, we are actually seeking something within us to transform or change; to blossom and open and be shared with others as light. To help guide them in discovering their personal power. That is a beautiful process! 🦋✨
I’m a lover of churches and architecture. At a very young age and into my teens I would draw buildings, homes, floor plans and anything that had to do with architecture. Everyone always thought that’s what I would be as an adult. The great thing about my work is that it is an expression of myself and the beauty of that is being able to create my passion with all aspects of myself. It’s not just Fitness, it’s not just nutrition, it’s not just Life Coaching, it’s my expression of self and how I make it unique to feed my soul and share with others. ❤️
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Special Shoutout to Steph the owner of @mightywithin. She put on an amazing Women’s Workshop, yesterday. The energy, authenticity and beauty of all the women that attended was absolutely special. Steph is an extremely intuitive, gifted and talented artist, designer, photographer and she makes these RAD feather earrings! I’m so excited she gave a pair to all of us ladies in our gift bags! Thank you, Steph for inviting me and asking me to speak. I’m so grateful to have met you! I can’t wait to see what you do at your next Women’s Retreat/Workshop. ❤️

Yeah, what Frida said. 👆✨🦋✌️

Little goodies for tomorrow’s women’s retreat. A unique blend of tools for enlightenment exercise I’ve put together for the workshop. I’m excited to be speaking; to be able to share my gifts, talents, and what I’m so passionate about with a group of amazing women.
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There’s a day when we awaken a bit softer, a little lighter and more aligned to our life purpose. ✨🦋✌️#amomentofgratitude #thankful #renewyouressence #Bodhimethod

Addie and her Teepee. 🐶 #doglife #riverwalks #sundayvibes

Take that risk! Do something you want to do but, feel you aren’t good enough to do or bold enough to be! Chances are, once you take that risk, you will realize you are good enough, you are bold enough and it leaves a unique imprint on people around you.
#takerisks #Bebold #bestylish #impactothers #beunqiue

Here is a sample meal plan from a few weeks ago for one of my online coaching client’s. Each week nutrition clients get a customized meal plan that maximizes their wellness goals. This particular client is vegan due to values and culture. She is also, on the low range for activity level. She works out 3 days per week for 45 minutes. We started her off on a lower caloric intake. Week-by-week we gradually increase calories until we find that sweet spot where her body is still dropping weight and burning fat more efficiently, while keeping her healthy and balanced.
Nutrition is not a “one size fits all”. Our hormones change from mental, emotional, physical, and environmental influences. Best way to balance our hormones is through nutrition and taking a weekly inventory of the clients M.E.P.E. .
Calories 1250
Carbohydrates 120 grams / 40%
Fats 53 grams / 35%
Protein 81 grams / 25%
245 Cal
8oz Coconut water or Unsweetened Almond Milk
1/2 cup kale or spinach 
1/4 cup pineapple 
1/4 cup kiwi 
1/4 cup cilantro 
1 Tbsp Maca powder 
1 scoop vegan pro powder
245 Cal
2 slices of Plain Ezekiel Bread
1 Tbsp Hummus (Flavor of your choice)
1oz avocado
¼ cup spinach
2 tomato slices
6 cucumber slices
209 Cal
1 Bar *Note: See recipe at the bottom
280 Cal
1 scoop Vegan Protein Powder
1 cup Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk
Justin’s Peanut Butter Squeeze
210 Cal
4oz Tofu
2 cups spinach, kale and arugula
¼ cup Shredded Red Cabbage
½ cup beets
4 asparagus spears diced
½ cup Orange
¼ cup shredded carrots
2 Tbsp Annie’s Lite Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing
8oz Ginger Tea with 2 Tbsp. Lemon Juice
20 pitted dates
1 Lime, Juice of Lime
2 Tbsp Lime Zest
Tsp sea salt
¾ cup almonds
¾ cup cashews
¼ cup unsweetened shredded coconut
Blend together in for processor or blender
Place on baking sheet with wax paper. Let sit for a hour and then slice into 12 bars
health #wellness #lifestyleliving #nutrition #fitness #spiritual #growth #livewellness #bewell #holistic

“What you seek is seeking you.” - Rumi
What is a Life Coach?
A Life Coach is an individual who guides, counsels and encourages clients on wellness, personal growth, spiritual enlightenment and personal or professional challenges.
The Life Coaching process approaches specific personal pursuits, professional accomplishments, all-around conditions and transitions in the clients personal life by digging into and exploring what is going on with the client right now, discovering what your barriers or challenges might be, and choosing a course of action to make your life be what you desire it to be.
My skill and gift is reading the energy of the client as they show up, intuitively and skillfully asking the right questions, giving the tools and techniques to empower you to find those answers within yourself.
You, the client, are the expert in your life who truly knows who you are and what you need. You are the only expert who can honor what is absolutely best for you. I am simply a practiced specialist in the coaching process.
As a coach, I offer nourishment and support helping you discover your own personal “best”.
I help you connect your head and your heart in a way that transforms your passion for your dreams into action for life.
Life Coach - CTA, ACSTH Certified
Holistic Nutrition - NANP Holistic Institution Certified
Fitness CPT - NASM, ACE, AFAA, AEA Certified
Connect with me today to book a 60-90 minute coaching session at hello@bodhimethod.com
Coaching sessions can be in-person, by phone or virtual. Special offer $60 per session.
health #wellness #lifestyleliving #nutrition #fitness #spiritual #growth #livewellness #bewell #holistic #eatclean #gourmet #fresh #earthsfreshness #healing #selfcare #awake #create #designyourlife #lifesart #explore #freedom #enlightenment #Bodhimethod #renewyouressence #transform #livehealthy #livehappy

The day ends at The Grace Cathedral. 🙌🙏✨

Because, sometimes you just have to walk around and take pictures on a Monday. This doesn’t happen often. Most of the time I have an anxiety attack if I’m not working. #hookyfromwork #entrepreneurlifestyle

I was invited to visit a friend who has a shop in S.F. He gave me the grand tour of art pieces he finds from all over the world when traveling. This hand carved piece of Jade is over 300k. Jade is for good luck, wealth and harmony. I’m rubbing this one for some good luck baby!!! 😂 I was also, shown a hand carved wood and stone table that’s being sent to Sacramento. I can’t give out the name who bought it. But, it sold for over a million. Holy Moly!

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