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Peace and chirping birds. Today has been a good one. πŸ’› #sittingheregivingthanks

I'm submitting my last poem today in my poetry class to be critiqued next week. I have really fallen in love with this form. I've written ten poems (so far) and I signed up for another class next semester... I think I'm hooked. On another note, I'm enjoying this historical fiction book very much, based on Victor Hugo's wife in Paris... (thanks to @melanieblooms little free library.) I usually only read in the genre that I'm writing so this feels like a treat. Happy new week out there! πŸ™‹πŸ»πŸŒžπŸ’› PS. I'm obsessed with these paper lights. I wish every room had them.

As promised here's a look inside the before and after of our mudroom. I still need to add some finishing touches like a mirror, window coverings, rug and hanging plants... But even without these accents this room has been transformed with paint and new handles alone! It's so much sweeter to step inside this room now. The paint colours are @benjaminmoore Soft Chamois and Whale Gray. I'm super happy with the results. We are officially out of the 70's! ➑️ No more rooms with brown paneling!! πŸ˜¬β˜ΊοΈπŸ˜†

Sweet summer night... πŸŒ™

Just yesterday I was telling Steve how I really wanted wild blueberries, how the ones in the grocery store taste like water and memories of us came flooding back of us picking blueberries together in Levack where he is from. We'd trek deep inside the woods where the blueberries were humongous and untouched and we saw black bears (every time) and ate more than we picked... This basket showed up on my doorstep yesterday, after dinner and was picked by a neighbour's son. #summermagic #gratefulheart #happybelly

It's a new day! Isn't this cover beautiful? (@melanieblooms we need to go back to the bookstore. STAT.) #middlegradenovel

Brushstrokes in the sky. Good night dear hearts. πŸ’«πŸ’›πŸŒ™ (I sit and wait every night for the sun to go to sleep.)

Thanks to my mom I finished painting my entrance/mudroom yesterday. It was a huge job to bring it out of the 70's. It took us 11 hours to prime and paint the wood paneling and cupboards. (Thanks Mom πŸ’›. It looks amazing and I'd show you but I'm too tired lol. πŸ™ˆ I will share the before and after someday soon. Promise.) I'm now treating myself to an afternoon of reading. I just cracked this lovely book open and I'm already crying after one chapter. The prose is beautiful. I'm tucked under the blankets on a dark and cold day doing what I love most. I hope you're enjoying your Sunday, too. πŸ’«#summerholidays #middlegradenovel #bliss

My favourite sunset from this week. It was unbelievable! #nofilter #noedits #summernightshow #fromsundaynight #imofficiallyhookedonsunsets

Middle Grade books grip my heart like no other books. Especially MG books about girls in the woods. Nothing beats this for me. Nothing. (90 pages in so far..)

I'm learning so much by observing this lake every day. How to rest. How to play. How to appreciate a sky that changes by the second. It's never the same even when I stand in the same place, day after day. The colours during sunset blow my freaking mind and this colourless day also speaks to my soul in the most simple and profound way. I wish I could live this close to nature every day. For now, I'll keep watching and holding still. I'll try to remember it all.

I have been kissed by the pink skies more this month than I have my entire life and I feel incredibly grateful.

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