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Danielle DANIEL  Writer. Artist. Illustrator. Author & Illustrator of 'Sometimes I Feel Like a Fox' & 'Once in a Blue Moon' (Fall 2017) / 'The Dependent.'


I might be working on a new little song. πŸ™Š #onceinabluemoon 🎢🎡🎢

I'm back from the loveliest weekend. I left town on Friday with one of my writing besties (@liisakovala) for a mini intensive writing retreat. There was a lot of serious writing going on and talking about writing when not writing. And I won't even tell you how many bottles of wine we drank. No. πŸ™Š I'm so grateful for friends who get me and support me, especially when I'm in between here and there. Writing is hard and lonely work. Sharing a weekend to work alongside another writer feels like such a gift-- A lifeline. πŸ’›

Look what arrived today. @mistymawn thank you for painting your brave truth! It speaks to my broken heart. I sent two poems out into the world yesterday that I've been working on all summer. About racism. About being a mother to a beautiful brown boy. About everything that I haven't been able to say until now. πŸ’”

I have some big news! My book is now available as a large format softcover book. And, the FRENCH version (Parfois je suis un renard) will be available January 2018! I'm SO excited about this because French is my mother tongue and the book sounds SO beautiful when read aloud. 🎈🎈🎈Wishing you all a super lovely day! 🦊

It's been all hands on deck getting Steve's office and exam rooms ready for his first day of doctoring! It's the most beautiful practice (Family Health Team) I've ever seen. What a journey this has been. There might be a tear in my eye this morning.

New hair. Back to the basics. Maybe I should become a carpenter. I dream of this sometimes. Find wood. Make things. Not have a website. πŸ€”

Change is in the air. Do you feel it too?

Motherhood is day after day of loving and letting go. Loving and letting go. And watching and praying and loving. And letting go.

It's been a really good day. #nofilter

Mighty mighty wind. #macleansmountain (I wore a jacket today. And socks. 😳)

Dear July, thank you for your guidance and rest. Thank you for the TWO NEW picture books I wrote and the many poems, from that deep place, you know where. Thank you for the craziest idea I have ever had and for the person who's agreed to move forward with me to see it through. Thank you for the painted skies, the scarlet sun and the many incredible moons. Thank you for the new friends. (It's hard for me, you know?) And thank you for the lovely long days and nights with my small and mighty family and for our new memories on water and land. We have so enjoyed this time together. (I will not thank you for the spiders. Sorry, no. Way too many to count.) I bow down in gratitude for all of the rest. For every sacred day. For it all.

Seriously. Right now. How? #nofilter #ineverwanttogobackinside

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