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Danielle DANIEL  Writer. Artist. Illustrator. Author & Illustrator of 'Sometimes I Feel Like a Fox' & 'Once in a Blue Moon'/ 'The Dependent’ A Memoir


Sunday sketchbook shenanigans!! Because I needed colour and I’m completely hooked on acrylic inks since watching Missy Dunaway’s two amazing classes on @creativebug!

Saturday. 💙

This week, I had to channel my inner-bear. (Bravery) My CNF story was workshopped and not since writing a CNF story about a wrestler called ‘Mad Justice’ with bad-ass boots, big hair and a tomato-red cape have I been THIS fired-up. Writing true stories exhausts me. I want to give up every five seconds. I guess the point is, I haven’t yet. I’m still writing, and sometimes THIS feels like the triumph.
I’m so glad it’s Friday. It’s been a difficult week. Sending hugs out into the internet. ✨

It’s minus a billion but it’s sunny. 👈🏽☀️☀️☀️#danielledanielartstudio #artstudio #aroomofherown #bestlight

Inspired by yesterday’s photo, when I was alone on the lake. #wip #acrylicpainting #goldenpaints

Dear Winter, it took me a while but I think I love you best. (Taken yesterday. I hope to paint it tomorrow in the studio.)

Cold cheeks but happy heart. Anytime I’m outside it’s the best day ever. 💙

Happy Friday! It’s also known as you-made-it-through-another-week-of-school-dance-party-day around here!! 🙊 I wanted to share this new subscription box of beautiful books with heart and purpose, and in spirit of reconciliation. @raven_reads now has a subscription box of books for CHILDREN available for pre-order (written and/or illustrated by Indigenous authors/illustrators.) I spy YOU HOLD ME UP in there with two other incredible books! 👈🏽 💛💛💛 Wishing you all lovely weekend!

Here’s an original illustration I painted for ‘You Hold Me Up.’ I think of my son when I see this one. I think about the importance of friendship and acceptance and how much we need each other. 💛

I’ve been doing lots of thinking these days, and writing. Lots and lots of writing. My Creative Non Fiction class has me going into all kinds of places and it turns out I still have a ton of shit to say. (Quelle surprise. 😬) It’s been an emotional week since my brother and his partner lost their home and everything they own in a house fire. Fire can be cleansing, but not before it destroys and displaces and obliterates. I know what it’s like to have everything ripped from your normal experience—when nothing around you is the same and your sense of security is gone. It takes time to find your footing again. But you are changed forever. You can’t go back. My heart has been heavy. •
I finished writing the first draft of my LAST submission that is due this semester. 4/4 I still have 3/4 to get workshopped, but I see the light. I see the end in sight and I’m really looking forward to it. School is all-encompassing, even though I am writing and I like writing. It takes so much of my time and my creative energy. I will still have my thesis to complete once classwork is over but I won’t have to spend long days in the forum, on the freaking computer. I am so looking forward to having more space to PAINT and think about new projects, complete old projects and especially to spend more time with humans. This is the 9th year that I’ve been alone in a room and I’m ready for change. A least a little. I’m looking forward to a new chapter while holding still and breathing out. I’m trying to face the sun as much as possible. Waving hello from here.

When things get overwhelming in the world around me I always feel strengthened, emboldened by nature. It’s constantly thriving then withering, renewed by the change of seasons— starting over, again and again. #latergram

In my office. In class. Counting down. Giving thanks. Making plans.

Hello out there. My brother Frank and my sister-in-law Kelly lost their home and all of their belongings in a house fire on Monday, on Manitoulin Island. Thankfully, they were not hurt. I created a ‘Go Fund Me Campaign’ to help them. If you feel moved to help and you can, I linked the URL to my profile with more details. Thank you so much. 💛

Revisiting this book (made with love 💙) as we wait for tomorrow’s Super Blue Ginormous Blood Moon! Hello!!! 🔵🔵🔵 #onceinabluemoon

Good morning sa-weet Saturday! ☀️ #wip #playing #experimenting #listening

This is such a LOVELY post and photo from @bookbloom. 💛 “There are some books that need a place in every home library. This is one of those. With bright illustrations and tender text, this book reminds us of all the ways we lift and raise one another.”

Flash back Thursday to when I climbed a mountain. Thanks for taking this photo @heirloomisland. Here’s to more adventures.

Hello out there! I started doing quick landscape paintings in between the reading and the writing. I need a reward system these days because I am officially over school. 🙈 Happy Hump Day!

FIFTEEN incredible circles around the sun! I hope I’m teaching you as much as you’re teaching me. Happy Birthday my beautiful son. How I love being your mom. ☀️✨💛

@heirloomisland asked me to climb a mountain today and I’m so HAPPY I said yes! We both had a wipe out on the ice and it wasn’t easy, but we persevered! I kind of feel like we kicked winter’s ass by reaching the top of Willisville mountain in January. Check out her feed for more photos! I’m going to sleep like a baby tonight. But first, Epsom salts. 😬

I’ve been Cranky Pants Monday, Cranky Pants Tuesday, Cranky Pants Wednesday AND Cranky Pants Thursday... Today, I am Fun Freaking Friday!!! Also, here’s one of my fave illustrations from YOU HOLD ME UP that was included in this incredible list: “14 Picture Books for Raising Young Citizens.” (Link in profile.) Happy weekend! Woot Woot! 😬👖👈🏽☺️

I’m in a rabbit hole of writing and reading and critiquing and I’d rather be painting; so much it hurts. So, I’m sharing this oldie because it makes me happy— at least for five whole seconds. 🙆🏻‍♀️😬🙋🏻

I love the light in this studio. ✨ #weekendvibes #aroomofherown

Today’s the day I finally write the first draft of a story I’ve been writing in my head for almost six months... (CNF) Here we go. 🖋📓👈🏽

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