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Danielle Wilson  Trying to get back to my ten-year-old self


I figured that 90% of the eclipse was 90% as good. But then I watched a documentary about them last night and realized that totality is a completely different experience. And we live so close compared to people who travel from all around the world! So at 11:30 PM I ran to the store for provisions and gassed up the car, and by 5:30 AM we were on the road north to crash a viewing party (thanks @rachelmaeligairi and friends!). It was πŸŒ—πŸŒ˜πŸŒ‘πŸŒ’πŸŒ“ MAGICAL of course. Such a special, once in a lifetime experience with my kids. But the best part for me was being together, our excited driving, and talking about the beauty of resetting, and clean slates. As my kids snoozed on the way up I thought about the weighty things I'd like to leave behind with that old sun. Avery and I both agreed that the new sun looks much brighter! And I feel light. 🌝

"Anybody with artistic ambitions is always trying to reconnect with the way they saw things as a child."
--Tim Burton
β€’ [Me and my brother @ryanbarrus on a mountain of hot wheels circa 1983?]

@ashleythalmanphoto posted this quote the other day and I'd never heard it, and don't know If I have artistic ambitions (don't we all kind of?), but it rang quite true in my soul.

I'd have begged for one too.

"Mom is it OK if I cut a little piece of fabric from this roll to use?"

11 pm cereal. Sometimes you just have to.

Salmon fishing in Alaska this year. Good for my soul and some of my favorite memories with @lorenbarrus and fam ❀️. Thanks for making it possible dad!

Avery making a plush toy for my brother @ryanbarrus kitten 😻


This bathing beauty still calls me mommy, asks me to pick her out the juiciest reddest apple at the grocery store, and is true and kind every day. 🍎

The prettiest pie cherries from @zben tree 😍.

Today my kids are huddled in front of a laptop watching questionable YouTube videos but the FIRST week of summer we adventured south to see all the amazing historic homes on display in Spring City, UT. My kids loved seeing all the special little touches in each home. Especially this one that @metacoleman_ helped do the interiors 😍. And this beautiful little town is also the home of @momsstuffsalve and exactly as charming, warm, and authentic as they are! What a lovely day we had!

Just a regular #domesticgoddess life over here πŸ˜‰. πŸ“πŸ“πŸ“

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