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These treasures. I treated myself because they made my heart sing and I can't wait to use them. For now I just keep getting them out to πŸ‘€. The colors make me so happy and I really want to try my hand at block printing, but there is no improving on these beauties!

Did you know the bath overflow is centered on the width of the tub from outside edges, but the drain is centered on the inside edges (at least in my tubs)? And sometimes that measurement is the same and sometimes it's different depending on the ledge width and angles and math etc? Since I tend to land on total OCD perfectionism or complete chaotic mess-- with not much of an in-between, learning to accept small imperfections in order to move on and realize the imperfect but far superior to chaos, bigger-picture, greater potential situation or just finished outcome, has taken deliberate work and is hard for me. 😬 Thank you house for giving me practice. β€’

I visited the house today and since it was empty and quiet, I sat in the tub for a minute to make sure it was as deep and comfy as I planned on it being. The bath is where I meditate and important to me. I looked at the rough plumbing and felt a surge of gratitude for my sweet plumber who let me hang over his shoulder to center things in the way that FELT just right to me given the imperfection of the drain situation. β€’

How things FEEL is the primary driver for most decisions I make in life, and affects the way I interact with people too. Thanks to my very wise friend, I learned that this is not true for everyone!! Understanding that this might be a difference has been enlightening for me. It is often an exhausting way to live in the world because I have SO MANY feelings plus I tend to feel everyone else's feelings, plus just also how things like color or darkness or smells FEEL. But I think being feelings-driven can be powerful too. The key I'm learning-- maybe universally though, is setting boundaries and managing energy. And probably accepting that crooked plumbing does not mean the world hates me. ❀️ Some days I can't believe how many things I still have to learn. Just so many things. β€’

Does this make any sense? Can you relate? Are you embarrassed for me that I dumped so many thoughts on the visual platform of Instagram? I get it. FEELINGS. But the best thing for letting go of feelings is to share them! And actual conversations with humans just involve too many feelings πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‰.

Baby bird.

I sent Ollie to his zoo field trip in a very warm coat AND remembered his umbrella so am feeling very smug about my parenting skillz right now. πŸ’#thatsasnowflurryinmypic

I don't do much design/sewing work these days, but I recently made this sweet little dress for a project photo for @houselarsbuilt. You'll have to wait for her book to see the actual project shots, but the amazing photographer @chauntevaughn was kind enough to snap a few of gorgeous little Isabelle in just the dress, taken in @mer_mag divine house where they shot. The dress, which I designed based on Brittany's vision for the whole photo, is all silk and had the most satisfying billowy movement. Making simple things like this--in dreamy fabrics, just reinforces my great love of textiles ❀️. Really thinking about how a certain fabric will lend its particular drape and body to the final garment design--and then seeing it come to life, is such a joyful process for me. It's fun to have a chance to do things like this here and there. I'm so excited to see the whole book come together obv., because everything Brittany and Chaunté do is a dream!

Sick baby girl. Asleep in the bath πŸ›€πŸΏ.

Picking tile. I've been warned by several people about problems with cement tile. But I just keep coming back to it and nothing else feels right. That subtle hue variation and chalky texture 😍😍😍. So-- I might regret it, but I've got to get it out of my system. Such is life.

From the Utah Field House of Natural History State Park Museum

Happy International Women's Day! This beautiful illustration by @libbyvanderploeg is just the best thing I've seen and I will probably share it every year! #iwd

This beauty is my good friend @annecropper, a writer, blogger, A+ party thrower, mom, and business woman. She recently sat down with @aboutprogress podcast, and shares about her journey with post and ante-partum depression, her life as a mother raising 5 kids, creative pursuits, and business endeavors. Here's the thing about Anne-- she jokes about being a "Jill of all trades, master of none" when it comes to all her creative endeavors. Which-- I don't know, might be up for debate as she is quite talented. What I know for sure is that Anne is a master at being a good friend in real life-- It's something I've always admired about her and I've known her a long time. What is amazing about Anne is that as you hear her talk in such honest, frank terms about her life, she reaches you and connects in a way that makes her feel like YOUR good friend-- with self reflection, humor, and no pretense. I just had to share this because I am certain that many of you will feel uplifted and less alone if you are struggling, after hearing Anne. She has a great ability to connect and I know some of you need her words todayπŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—. πŸ“·: @arg_photos

So I have a fake front tooth that I hate. I got hit in the face with a softball when I was young and this tooth is the result. It's slightly different color and shape than the others and I feel insecure about it and think about it every day. Which is ridiculous. But even worse-- when Ollie knocked his front tooth a little bit loose at school yesterday he was TERRIFIED to even tell me about it. He was so afraid that what happened to me might happen to him and based on how negative I am about my stupid tooth, he really internalized it. He perceived that having something happen to your tooth was just the most terrible thing because of my attitude about mine. It was SUCH a wake up call about how much our kids pick up on our fears and our attitudes! And a fake front tooth is just a silly thing to waste any energy on. I really struggle with fear/anxiety about a lot of things. We've had some trauma and some extra worries in our life the past few years and I think anxiety is a normal response to those things. But I just don't want my kids to carry that with them and to face life that way. It's a waste of time and futile anyway. We have no control over so many things, and trying to get it is just exhausting. I wish I could just flip a switch and let go of all my fear. It's incredibly hard. I do think I'm making progress though! I've been really enjoying @thealisonshow podcast and especially her most recent episode. She interviews @melanieday a young mother who has terminal cancer, and her outlook really transformed my perspective today. Through my sobs while listening-- I really came away feeling so uplifted and thinking about all the things that life is too short for-- judgment of others, of ourselves, fear-- and certainly to worry about fake front teeth. I really appreciate people who are willing to share their stories. Stories are so powerful. And I'm genuinely so grateful for this space where I get to have a glimpse into your stories! (And PS if you have a great cosmetic dentist I wouldn't turn down that info πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰)

Little boy, big world.

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