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Danielle Bisutti 


So much fun hanging with my dysfunctional family on the set of #LowAchievingChildren cant wait to see the #pilot @laurenfinerman @nataliesimpkins @adrianelliot @benkawaller @timewinters @i_am_brody_allen #actorslife

Happiness is being a #godmother an #auntie and #wonderwoman to the #tuckbrothers oh yeah, and also eating #sweetrosecreamery with one of the best moms I know @kalimbatuck #mintandchip #friendsforlife

With @oprah powerful #timesup speech at #TheGoldenGlobes “For too long women have not been heard or believed if they dare speak the truth to the power of these men, but their time is up” and the strength of the courageous women of the #WhyWeWearBlack movement I knew that I could no longer be silent about my #metoo story. @reesewitherspoon post this morning reminded me that I am amongst the 71% of women who have been sexually harassed in the workplace but didn’t report it because I feared I would lose my job. Worse yet, was that even though #metoo had been trending for several months now, I kept quiet for fear of causing some sort of backlash. But now, I SPEAK OUT and say NO, YOU CAN’T DO THIS ANYMORE to help abolish the antiquated culture of abuse, oppression, power struggle, inequality and violence. The position he put me in was unethical, confusing, convoluted and wrong, especially since he had a wife and daughters. The truth is, I was AFRAID TO SAY NO. The sexual advances and proclamations of “love” triggered my deepest insecurities, causing serious doubt and underscoring the false belief that I WAS NOT ENOUGH with just my talents and work ethic alone. The unpredictable and duplicitous nature of the entertainment industry can prey upon these insecurities in a culture where it was widely KNOWN and ACCEPTED that if you want to advance in such a competitive environment, somewhere down the line you’d have to compromise just like the other women who rose to the top. And although I never fully gave in, I allowed myself to be subjected in this gray area to stay employed. I didn’t know how to make it stop. I thought it was somehow my fault. I feared it might have been the only reason I got the job in the first place. I knew the second I put an end to the advances, I risked losing everything I worked so hard to achieve in my career. But I did it anyways. I’m wish I stood up for myself sooner. What I GAINED from this experience is now a deeply rooted LOVE and RESPECT for myself, and an unwavering COURAGE to SPEAK MY TRUTH. Every story is important because it’s fueling the fire of a collective of women AND men who now understand that: #wematter #speakyourtruth

#randonactsofkindness when your #faerie #friend @darapaquette flower magician of @floralux designs the flowers from my dreams as a thank you for cooking pasta and singing at her Holiday Party?! You are such a #gift !!! #iwouldhavedoneitanyway #youareappreciated

#Holiday #joy is when genius Costumer Designer and friend @mandiline approves your Christmas apparel and then you promptly reminisce about playing high school basketball in the sweaty #royalhighschool gym circa 1993. #realwomen #friendsforlife #merrychristmas #careerwomen

@joshgad you are truly brilliant and delightful in @marshallmovie an impactful story about incredible men of integrity helping out their fellow man. So fun seeing you at the screening! #goseeit #marshallmovie #thurgoodmarshall

Blue skies, no smoke, no traffic on the 405 and 101?!?! Let’s hear it for our #losangelesfiredepartment for being the magic workers that they are! I continue to pray for #losangelesfire to stop and for #rain to come. #miracle #grateful #Godisgood

The rehearsal with sweet sounds of Al Jardine of #thebeachboys where we could actually hear ourselves and stayed on pitch! #bucketlist #venicebeach #littlestnick #happyholidays @lindseyharper @magentaharley @roborecords1

So fun reconnecting with @matthewmodine since working on #theneighbormovie loved hearing your thoughts on playing #drbrenner on #strangerthings #fangirl #venicebeach #papa

So proud of my cousin @alextcooks for hosting an incredible afterparty at her restaurant @greatwhitevenice for the #venicebeach holiday sign lighting last night @greatwhitevenice is the best new place for #brunch in #los angeles #chechitout #italianfood #cousins

Old friends. New friends. All the same when they are in your heart. And mine just exploded into a million pieces! #venicebeach #holidaysignlighting @paulgivant @dgubs @darapaquette @osakasucka @_thinkingseedstudio_ at my cousin @alextcooks restaurant post show @greatwhitevenice

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