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My posts aren't going through on patreon so I guess cosplay progress is delayed till later tonight or tomorrow!

I've been sewing all day trying to get things done before the 17 hour drive move coming up!

We made it just in time to watch Dolly's segment! Her shit was so cool ;-; I didnt recognize all my friends

I'm on the way to see @dolliliciouscosplay at a fashion show! I gotta squeeze all my MA friends into the next 10 days somehow because I'm moving!

There's a squirrel up in that tree

Fabric and foam errands today in Boston. Did I mention how I loathe going into Boston?

My #wcw goes to one of my best friends @dolliliciouscosplay ! She's getting good at this guys, I am so proud of her ;_; plus she babysits me at cons and lets me put glitter on her face!

Also my friend @athelcosphoto took this photo. He's pretty good too!

#katarinacosplay #katarina #lolcosplay #leagueoflegendscosplay #leaguecosplay #leagueoflegends

My Sindragosa cosplay from last year! World of Warcraft cosplays are where my heart is, I just started a new one!! #sindragosa #icc #icecrown #wrathofthelichking #wotlk #dragon #cosplay #cosplaygirl #dragoncosplay #wowcosplay #worldofwarcraftcosplay #worldofwarcraft #Warcraft

So many Squall stickers for Aprils patrons! Thanks to @stickermule I'm able to send one out to everyone on the $25 tier and up this month!! Thank you @suzumecreates for the artwork!

A death knight and her Cinder kitten πŸ”₯ 🐱

Cosplay and Maw of the Damned by me!
Cinder kitten by Fiendle.
Photo by @pkarpey

Since ive gotten so many messages about this impersonator in particular, no this is not me!! I crossed out part of the username so that only people being scammed by this person will know who it is. They probably contacted you on steam or in league of legends and invited you to chat on discord. Do not fall for it, its not me! Other aliases they use are "Itachi Eyes" IM NOT EVEN A NARUTO FAN LOL AT LEAST ACT LIKE ME A LITTLE! they've been posing as me for going on 2 years now.

Happy Earth Day! πŸπŸ‚ #autumnivy #poisonivy #poisonivycosplay #earthday

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