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Doing some serious sculpting on this cosplay. Once I finish (hopefully in time for Supercon) I'll have my ice wings/feathers write up to do! Products used are from @ramaterials . Not an ad! I just shop there for all my resin needs.

I'm working so hard trying to finish a new armor for Supercon...for now, heres some glow titties.

Photo by @eminence.rain !

Every month this is what my different reward bundles look like when signing up for my patreon :) prints, polaroids, posters, stickers and little thank you letters! I send out brand new everything monthly!

Check your mail over the weekdays coming up for your #patreon goodies! Everyone on a print tier is also getting this Tidus sticker @suzumecreates made!
Each month there's a new sticker available that month only as special rewards for supporting my patreon! July's will be demon Hunter Samus stickers! Thank you @stickermule !

Orange or blue??!

I'm going to be adding more prints to my store in about a week I'm just a little behind at the moment with my current orders. But once I catch up ill let you guys know!

Just a reminder that it is only one dollar to support creators on Patreon! I post one boudoir set each month and all month long I post all my cosplay progress and photo shoots like this one so there's something for everybody. Thank you so much everyone that has contributed these past couple years and kept me bringing new content monthly!
Suit by @brandonogilberto

I used the free helmet pattern download made by @kamuicosplay to make my helmet base for my Samus! And I'm using it again for my current project :3

Photo by @caperture_photography

My boudoir set for June! Still playing catch up on orders but I shouldn't be too behind schedule! It always throws me off a little when conventions fall during the first week of the month. As usual this the set I used in all the polaroids and there is more up on patreon, high res as well soon! Link in bio :) #closetfurry #foxgirl #redhead

Little sneak peek at my next armor. This concept has been a fantasy in my head for years, and something I really want to happen lore-wise in WoW. It is also quite appropriate with the announcement of the next Hearthstone expansion coincidentally!

I posted some progress on patreon a couple months back, check soon for the Helmet of Domination build!! #Warcraft #fanart

@projectbazooka got an awesome shot of my Samus Demon Hunter at #AnimeExpo2017 ! I have all the progress and tips on making this build up on my patreon in my bio!

Concept by @jessicanigri
Design finalized by @zachfischerart
Costume made by me!

#samus #metroid #Diablo #cosplay #cosplaygirl

I'm going to be compiling all my Samus progress tonight on #Patreon ! I just need some sleeps before writing it all up :) If armor isn't your thing, June's boudoir set is going up tonight as well!

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