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Danielle 🕊  📍Kelowna | Personal Trainer/Online Coach Nutrabolics Athlete Training.Nutrition.Beauty👇🏼

I wear these jeans on Sunday because they’re holy 🙃
Photo by @ajkphotography1
MUA the amazing @jennanicoleofficial

Some days you eat salads and go to the gym, some days you eat donuts and refuse to put clothes on. It’s called balance. This is bikini also falls under the same concept; the perfect balance of high waist to underboob 😅 @ohpolly

Burning it down. Happy Halloween 🔥🎃

“Hi, my name is Mila. I am a Pomchi - 3/4 Pomeranian & 1/4 Chihuahua and today I am 4 months old. I love naps with my bear, car rides, hiking, having my picture taken, biting my mums toes, oh but then I get treats when I’m good.. and I love treats 😍 And did I mention I’m obsessed with my mum?
Or maybe it’s the other way around.. “♥️🐶

In life and in death 🖤
Happy #Halloween2018

Right after this photo I gracefully tried to roll over for a hot “one leg in the pool, one leg out” shot resulting in us moving onto a unanticipated “full wet look” instead. Still trying to figure out how that happened.. 🤔

Judging by the trend of likes on my IG photos you guys like me better in less clothing... So, here’s a little throwback with @shannonvision
But please keep in mind that it is fall and it is freezing outside so to be in this type of attire is just ridiculous.
You’re welcome 😄

You know why I like Fridays? Because I always look like I have it all together. Even when you’ve low key lost your balance and it actually turns out to be the best photo. 😄🙃
Photo @dbaum44
Hair @thextensionist - Danielle10 in store and online.
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Stop worrying about how long the road seems or how far you feel you are from your goals. Focus instead on moving forward RIGHT NOW, today. It’s simply about pushing yourself TODAY a little more than you did yesterday. Wake up a little earlier, run a little farther, go a little faster, train a little harder. It’s mental before physical and every little effort adds up. —
I drink @nutrabolics Supernova before every workout and have been doing this for years (almost 3!). It increases my energy along with my metabolic rate and mental focus more than any other pre-workout I’ve tried. 💯
Photo by @dbaum44

They used to scream my name, now they whisper it.
Photo by @dbaum44

Off da snap before I got rear ended and bruised up my face 😅😒 -
Been a little mia for that reason but onward and upward. Shit happens and it could have been a lot worse. That’s what insurance and makeup is for 🙄and I’m so thankful I didn’t have Mila with me 🐶🙏🏼

Beauty isn’t in the eye of the beholder … it is only found within you. It is so easy to get caught up in how the external world defines beauty and what we "should" look like, especially through social media. But people can call you beautiful every day for your entire life and if you can never see your own unique beauty then you will never find the confidence you deserve. 💛

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