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👑Daniella Veras 👑  How strange it is to be anything at all... 🌞🌙

“How are you, he asked.
I AM, she replied
Once you grasp this truth, you are free.
‘You are divine’. Sense the truth of this within you. You can stop speaking about the ‘divine’ as if it is somehow separate or outside of you.
God exploded times infinity. And you are a manifestation of that and so am I.
That’s why Gods name is I AM.
Being isn’t another thing to add to your do list.
It just is.
(Text & image by @Maryamhasnaa)

We often say “If I knew then what I know now...” thinking of how differently we’d have done things benefitting the wisdom of experience. So I asked my future self, whom I’ve affectionately named Sophia, “if you could say something to your younger Self what would you say?” 🤔

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I believe this for all persons regardless of gender identification or expression. One candle loses nothing by lighting another. We can support and encourage each other’s respective glow up and stay lit. We can all grow. We can can glow. ✨💃🏽✨ via this fellow #Scorpio Queen @castinggurlwonder! Keep shining and being a light! #WCW #WCE

Hey Gram Fam! I’m so excited to bring you another episode of #DopePeopleDoingDopeShit. In honor of #HispanicHeritageMonth, I’m chatting with author and educator @YajairaWrites! We’re going to be *chismeando* about representation in the media and the huge difference it makes to building better communities. Tune in to learn more about the importance of diversity in children’s literature, how our education system could better serve our youth, as well as share stores of media getting it right. I know it’s a hot and suuuuper loaded topic in the current political. That’s why I hope you will join us and be part of the conversation as well as the solution. We’re going LIVE at 8pm Eastern Time/ 5 PM Pacific. See you then!

Yes, I’ll hold the line... 💁🏽‍♀️💅🏾🤳🏽
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"The one that makes all your other Love bonds more beautiful. You with you. This togetherness is the soul of your whole life. How you are with you is how you are with the world. Want Love's fire? Light it for yourself. Illuminate your aura. Then dance to the flames until your glory tears flow out. Until all that you feel for you is the most awesome gratitude for being you, bearing you, witnessing you. Testify. Your every heartbeat is a sacred word, a Love letter from you to you. You cannot be Loved more completely than by you. Rejoice. It was always you." ✨💕✨From @jaiyajohn’s newest book, Daughter Drink This Water.

You are only changing into yourself. All seeming change is just the play of consciousness. The essence of the One is changeless even as it materializes into different forms. Just like water trans(form)s into ice or vapor, the essence remains. Spirit never ceases to be conscious of itself throughout this dance.
Don't “try” to become. Just be in the organic flow of who you and it will be clearly felt. The essence of who you are is perfectly enough. You can stop seeking to become what you already are. You can simply just stop being what you are not. Our Soul can fall asleep, believe it is separate or become unconscious. But Spirit cannot.
What is Spirit?
Spirit is the energy behind all form. That which can not be bound. It can do anything except that which denies its own nature. It is force that creates through divine law. That which contains both masculine and feminine and has the ability to declare itself into form. There is no place where god is not. So direct your prayers to the dwelling god within. This is the secret of metaphysics and consciously working with the laws of spirit.
The fact that people think Spirit is only sweet and gentle is funny to me. Enlightenment itself is a destructive process as it destroys all that is not true to your divine nature. The impulse from Spirit to create is equally connected to the impulse to destroy. This is why it’s so beautiful to learn to let go.
Don't overthink spirituality. And don't let working on your “self” or the lie of Self improvement become an addiction. Just be yourself. What needs to transform will in time. Spirituality is what happens when you stop performing. To me choosing the spiritual path isn’t about rushing to the end, pretending we are fully integrated and it’s not about denying our feelings. It’s about being present, authentic, and vulnerable while becoming aware of ourselves as Spirit. It is simply I AM. I exist.
We are freedom itself, asleep in a dream where we believe we need to somehow become free. Do you see the game? Remember that source comes to know itself through your creativity. And when you create from love you allow the energy of Spirit to flow thru |text/img @maryamhasnaa

DO WHATEVER 👏🏽THE FAWK 👏🏽YOU 👏🏽 WANT — a word via @sadhguru
Why Have I Lost My Spark and Feel Demotivated?
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E-LOVE-UTION. 👽🖖🏾 #IAm #ILove

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