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*L I F E - S H I F T*
spent the afternoon solidifying my intentions in hopes to manifest absolute magic in the new year.

life is short and with so much always going on, I had to force myself to check in and revisit what really matters.
big thanks to @aloyoga for hosting & my friend Nicole’s gorgeous @crystalzxcacti arrangement for setting the perfect mood - I needed this warm, comfy, and inspiring atmosphere in my life today. 🥰🖤
vision boards are pretty powerful... have you ever made one???

just slowly rolling into the week like, why are abs so hard to make and even harder to keep??
thanks for the much needed assistance @ibuildbadasses

G R A T E F U L fur my babies 🐾
happy Monday ☕️🥰
what’s your pets name?

had a colorful time celebrating our bride-to-be @janellenicole w some of my favorites 💕
I can already tell this wedding is going to be unforgettable ✨ vive México! 🇲🇽 Oh, and shoutout to my wedding dress designers @shevanator & @crystalzxcacti - I felt like a million bucks in my recyclable deep v mermaid gown 👰🏽🚽

good people doing good things.
So grateful for the hard work of these amazing souls who rescued 13 beagle from a commercial breeder in China.
Beagles are usually bread for testing, like cosmetics, due to their sweet disposition and lack of fight. Once they’re experimented on to the point of lifelessness, they’re typically sold to the meat trade industry.
It’s sad, it’s cruel, and completely unnecessary.
We can help by only supporting beauty companies that are 100% cruelty free & vegan.
If you have sec, check out my story... you’ll see these beagles have their first loving interaction with a kind human.
Thank you so much for inviting me @brittanylittleton and huge shoutout to @rescuefreedomproject for getting the job done... the work isn’t over, but thank you, next rescue underway! 💪🏽
tagged some handles I think you should all follow 💕🤗

this bride and her brand new husband showed up at our house the day after their honeymoon due to being evacuated from the fires.
cut-to a month later of shack’n up together and too many laughs to count, I can officially say we all passed group couples counseling.
cheers to so many adventures to come in this next decade (omg)🙀
Happy, happy birthday @erinwiesener ♥️

...the other night was a total trip. Thanks for all the #GoodTrouble, @freeform 🌈
That vegan 🍩 situation was next level!
Your show is going to kill it @cierraramirez & @maiamitchell 🙌🏽💕💫 I’m so excited to watch and you guys should be too!
@GoodTrouble premiere is on January 8, 2019 on @freeform #ad

I feel like I could be friends w this girl.

it’s epic @arianagrande, love you & so proud of you ♥️ thanks for letting me come play too!!
we’re cute @lexie1225

Monday’s are cute, but #thankunext
📷: @mattbennett

• It’s her last cheerleading practice how would you guys feel?
• big red has no feelings
and for the record, when that little one does fall out, happy to babysit anytime @colleen 🤗

and here’s my heart:
I haven’t consumed anything that was once alive in 20+ years.
thanksgiving weighs so heavy on me, you guys. It hurts.
the honest truth is, my own family eats turkey... my friends eat turkey... people all over social media eat turkey...
it’s everywhere.
I understand my brain works differently than these people.
I understand they don’t mean harm by it, but no matter how I try to make sense of it, it just doesn’t.
tomorrow I’ll put on a big smile, I’ll enjoy the time I spend w loved ones, and the feelings I’ll harbor inside will be used constructively to continue to promote a #crueltyfree lifestyle.
thanks for the vegan chocolate @nowheychocolate - I really hope this post inspires someone to go #turkeyfree this year and always.
if you’re inspired lmk... 🙏🏽

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