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Daniella  📍Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm. I spent a long time hating you. Talking down to you, telling people what a horrible place you are. Even escaping you in the most figuratively and literal way possible. The memories have always been the worst part for me. After all this is the place where huge parts of me died in more ways than I care to count. But it’s also the place where I was reborn, rebuilt and recreated. They say that time heals all wounds, but people can go on for years licking their open wounds instead of actually putting in the work and effort to patch them up. To say that it was hard for me at first would be a major understatement. It was painful and oftentimes very ugly. But as I started finding peace within myself and my demons I also found peace in my surroundings. You will never truly feel at home if you can’t find a home within yourself. I learned this the hard way when I got on airplane to leave it all behind. What you run away from always has a way of catching up to you. So I started replacing those bad memories with new stories and experiences that I now only look back at with a smile on my face. Stockholm. It was never about you. It was never your fault. The problem was entirely me and I can now more often than not see your true beauty. Days like yesterday being one of them 🌸

Fresh nails and triple rings from @thomassabo 💅🏼

As a little girl I would always cling to my fathers leg like a little monkey whenever he would leave for work. He would walk down the hallway to door with me hanging tight around his leg trying to stop him from leaving, but it was never enough to make him stay.

My dad was my very first love. I remember looking at him like he was a superhero. There was nothing he couldn’t do. Every night he would read me a bedtime story with such excitement and enthusiasm. He would leave a little light on and put on my favorite songs before kissing me goodnight. To this day I can’t fall asleep without hearing the sound of music. He would tell me silly stories about the turtles hiding in the subway tunnels and every time we went for a ride I would be glued to the window trying to get a glimpse of them.

Today, being older and wiser I realize my dad is another kind of hero. He’s not as invincible as I once thought he was. I’ve seen him cry and bleed. I’ve seen him with tubes coming out of his body hooked up to loud machines. I’ve seen him in more hospital beds than I care to count.

With time I’ve learned how vulnerable the human body can be. I’ve realized how fragile life is. But something that never ceases to amaze me is how strong our will to fight and survive is. If there’s anything my dad has taught me it’s to see the beauty in this world and the people around us. To cherish and appreciate Mother Nature and the very nature within ourselves. He’s taught me not in words, but in his own actions, to never give up even on days you’d rather check out far too soon. He’s been my source to endless love and emotional support even when he’s barely had the energy to stand up straight. The same man that used to make up stories about the glowing subway ninja turtles now tells me stories about the true love I deserve and awaits me when the time is right. I may not always agree with him on certain things, but who am I to argue with the smartest man I know. My guru, my teacher, my inspiration, my father.

I’m far too big now to hold on to my dads leg whenever I want him to stay with me, I might’ve outgrown the silly stories and bedtime fables. But never once did he stop being my superhero.

Two years single. Two years free. Two years on the road to self discovery and reinvention. To inner peace and contentment. Two years ago I would’ve never pictured my life the way it is now, that I would feel this happy in myself and life in general. It felt so unattainable at the time. Two years ago was also when she came into my life, my soul sister. The one who puts all my broken pieces back together even after I pick at them whenever I get insecure. The one who listens to my endless bullshit and inner demons. And together with my amazing friends and family that I’m so blessed to have in my life I can keep looking forward with joy and excitement for what’s to come 🌸 What an adventure it is to be alive

Happy place ☀️🌊

Fine dining with my blondie @malinhannele 🍕

Beautiful flea market find ❤️

When you’re an adult and you can eat a peanut butter sandwich and drink a glass of chocolate milk for dinner if you damn want to #IDontCareWhatYouSayMom #BecauseImASortOfGrownAssWoman #AndIllDrinkMyChocolateMilkIfIWantTo

New in from the @thomassabo Karma collection and soon to be worn by yours truly 😌 This is my favorite combination using the new bangle with the golden starfish bead and two labradorite beads. Along with two oldies like the amber beads and gold skulls. Who said you can’t mix silver and gold? 💛 #thomassabo


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