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Daniel Gruchy  Popped out 1988, potty trained 1990, first swear word 1994, first web browse 2000, first SlowMoGuys video 2010.


Dat ass tho

Love the new car.

Got a new car.

Managed to get close enough to this guy after about 5 tries

Caught this spider on video as it rushed out to nab its live, juicy prize before retreating into its lair

Are you being served? Would you care for a drink madam?

Two bee or not to bee

Been exposing my cat to radiation trying to give it super powers. Didn't work, it just grew another head instead.

Two dragonfly skin husks on the bottom of a leaf in the pond. Probably off shagging now.

The pond is looking great these days

I was in Texas yesterday, today I'm in a rooftop bar in Oxford. Could it be any different? We live in an amazing time.

July 4th, Bama style.

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