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Daniel Gildenlöw  ...and why not?

Like father, like son... 😄

Last days of summer break, so I am dragging my kids away from their computers to instill in their hearts the magic of building jump ramps for our bikes. Some things should never change. 😊❤️

Ok, everyone knows that when it comes to LPs, I am all into white vinyl or standard black, but I have to admit that these rare transparent red Entropia LPs are damn pretty!

#blackmerch #LP #vinyl

Talisman – dug it out from our board game cupboard a few days back and it’s just as fun as I remembered it. :)

Changed the tire today and it made me feel very grown-up and reliable somehow. Maybe I should take the family car’s engine apart too, while I’m at it? Grease some random parts and gently knock on them with a rubber hammer? Nah, I’ll do some backflips on the trampoline and play Diablo with my kids instead. :)

It’s ok for a first try I guess, but I should really start thinking about adding a light saber...

Darth Nimh!

In case you are wondering what you’re looking at – this is Sandrian and Nimh at the trampoline in 30 degrees Celsius, fighting with light sabers and doing moves that might impress Maul himself. To top this off, Sandrian is (as you would be) dressed in a very warm Raccoon one-piece. Trampoline. Light saber. And a raccoon suit. These are my sons! ❤️

...and this is how you check for a slow leak in a tire. I’m sure there are other ways, some of which may even qualify as more efficient, but few that are as photogenically amusing as this one.

#remedy8 #bath #justarandomhashtag

Introducing Diablo II to a new generation.

32 C in the air, 26 C in the lake. Evening swim? You bet! With cookies!

July, it’s been 28-35 C in the shade constantly since early May, with absolutely no rain. Everything in the garden has died, and even the tallest birch trees are giving in now. Huge forest fires now raging in 22 of 25 of the counties in Sweden (25,000 hectares burning as of now), some of which are unstoppable. We are getting aid and help from Poland, France, Italy, Lithuania, Germany, Norway, Denmark and Portugal. ❤️ One good thing with global warming – it helps us come together and look at this planet as one system rather than a bunch of countries. 🌞

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