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Daniel J. Field  I take pictures of wild birds and write papers about dead ones.

Here’s an aptly named bird! Leafbirds are a group of awesome-looking green songbirds found throughout South and Southeast Asia. This is the Blue-winged Leafbird (Chloropsis cochinchinensis); I was pretty stoked when this one descended from the canopy to do its best leaf impression at eye level! The birds in peninsular Malaysia are amazing. #birds #science #evolution #paleontology @swarovskioptik_nature @nikoneurope @audubonsociety @g33k5p34k @oliver_rw

One of the coolest North American birds, this is the American Dipper (Cinclus mexicanus). Dippers are the most aquatic songbirds on Earth, and often submerge themselves in swift-moving streams in pursuit of tasty river treats. That’s exactly what this one was doing when it popped onto a riverside stone right next to us! @rinipaints @jimhanna78 @audubonsociety @birds.of.world #science #paleontology #bird #evolution #ornithology

Magnolia Warbler (Setophaga magnolia)! An absolute stunner, and one of the best reasons to get out during migration time in eastern North America. This was taken on a super brief visit to Point Pelee National Park—one of Canada’s migration hotspots and only 3 hours from Toronto! #science #nature #birding #evolution #paleontology @audubonsociety @swarovskioptik_nature @nikon_global @uniofbath

Happy to be spending the week studying fossils in Denver, Colorado, where in addition to my job at the University of Bath I am a new Research Associate in paleontology at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science! And extra happy that there are beautiful Lazuli Buntings around (Passerina amoena), easily one of North America’s most beautiful species! @denvermuseumns @uniofbath #evolution #paleontology #science #bird @nikon_global @swarovskioptik_nature @audubonsociety

Five grams of beautiful fluff, this is a Golden-crowned Kinglet (Regulus satrapa), showing off the full glory of its namesake feature. It’s been nice to spend some time back in the Pacific Northwest where these are easy to find! @mykoskitty @rinipaints @jimhanna78 #science #nature #bird #evolution #ornithology #paleontology @audubonsociety @swarovskioptik_nature @nikon_global

Epic mudskipper battle! Had an amazing time watching these semiterrestrial fishies (Boleophthalmus caeruleomaculatus) duke it out for territory on the mudflats in Hong Kong. @tomstewartscience is going to teach us all how their eyes work with his research! #wildlife #fish #evolution #science #paleontology

Some crazy déjà vu! Can you spot the difference? The image below shows a Rhinoceros Hornbill (Bycanistes rhinoceros), and above shows a Great Hornbill (Bycanistes bicornis), both with a Greater Racket-tailed Drongo (Dicrurus paradiseus) in hot pursuit. These images were taken on the same day, about 100km apart! Amazing to have witnessed something like this once, let-alone twice in the same day—great stuff happens when you spend time outside! @your_best_birds @bestbirdshots @nikon_global @swarovskioptik_nature @audubonsociety @g33k5p34k @oliver_rw #birds #nature #science #evolution #malaysia #paleontology #paleo

This cartoonish beast is the Red-bearded Bee-eater (Nyctyornis amictus), watermelon-colored nightmare of winged insects in the dense forests of Southeast Asia. I’d wanted to see this one for a long time—I eventually remembered to snap some photos after a moment of slack-jawed paralysis when we spotted it next to the road in southeast Malaysia. #bird #evolution #science #paleontology #paleo @oliver_rw @g33k5p34k @audubonsociety @swarovskioptik_nature @nikon_global @bestbirdshots @your_best_birds

I got invited to talk about bird macroevolution at a meeting in Hungary’s Hortobágy National Park—it was a great experience! The meeting focused on social evolution and included lots of interesting talks... one of the highlights was catching up with this European Roller (Coracias garrulus), arguably Europe’s most beautiful bird! @your_best_birds @bestbirdshots @nikon_global @swarovskioptik_nature @audubonsociety #bird #evolution #paleontology #science #hungary

Make sure to pick up the May issue of National Geographic Magazine! Great article on the early evolution of birds covering some of our latest research, alongside the work of many friends and colleagues! @natgeo #paleontology #paleo #evolution #birds #fossil

A spectacular Common Green Magpie (Cissa chinensis) in the highlands of Malaysia; wish they were common in Bath! @your_best_birds @bestbirdshots @nikon_global @swarovskioptik_nature @audubonsociety #bird #evolution #paleontology #paleo

The songbirds are singing at the University of Bath! Eurasian Wrens like this one are bursting into song all over campus after quietly sneaking around all winter long. Great time of year! #birdsofinstagram #universityofbath #evolution #paleontology @audubonsociety @swarovskioptik_nature @nikon_global @bestbirdshots @your_best_birds

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