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Beanie season is upon us & I'm here for it 🍃🌬

I got dressed for the first time since August today🤙#gome #8weekspostop

This is little Dusty 💙 he is just over two years old and is the sweetest kitty. When I brought him home he was extremely under weight, but we managed to fix that quite quickly. Recently we noticed him having troubles eating, and he started sleeping alllll day..took the little guy to the vet to find out his has a gum disease that he was born with where the only hope is an injection every month to couple months with vitamins & that takes down inflammation. Dusty started eating more within 24 hours of our 48 hour span. He's been awake when we wake up and playing again..Makes me SO relieved! I don't know what I'd do without this little guy. 💙

Just show me all trails🍂

Every single day I go into my backyard and collect the feathers from the birds I feed. Different colored feathers have different meanings, for example: finding a grey feather may mean that life has been frantic, and peace is coming. My life has been nothing BUT frantic since July..hitting my breaking point recently and dealing with so much just today.. Today alone, I found 47 grey DOVE feathers. The bird I associate with my late Grandfather. I BUSTED into tears while on the forest floor gathering these precious feathers that truly mean more to me than they should. I WILL get through all this, my angels verified that for me this afternoon.

My baaaaby, now & forever 😍👅 #nationalboyfriendday #couldkissyouallday

Birthday number 5 huh... My mind was blown when I came to that realization. 5 years, no one has been able to celebrate the most incredible man in the way we'd all like...Half a decade. What the hell is this horse shit.


My three favorite things; the ocean, a sunset, & kisses from my love ❤ miss this day

He's it.💍 #nodoubt

Soothes the soul🌿🌄 #bigbearlake #danielelaurenphotography

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