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Daniela Arango  📍Malmö 500 RYT | Healing ૐ Blog ↓


listen darling for the heart that knows better, for the love that is beyond intellectual comprehension.
pause darling to feel what mother earth is trying to tell you. use your breath to travel the dimensions of your consciousness.
don't be afraid to be lifted and cared for.
listen darling for the divine perception to identify the veil of illusions.

Mushroom Adaptogen • to enhance physical and mental well being 😜🤸🏼‍♀️✨ #health #medicine

from FORGIVENESS to PURE LOVE 🔥I forgive myself for thinking I am less than what I am. I forgive myself for living an illusion based on fear. I forgive myself for not knowing better. I forgive myself for making mistakes. I forgive myself for self judgement. I forgive myself for all I think I am not when I AM. ✨" I only pray that during all my life I may have love : that I may have pure love to love Thee." ✨ #shiva #ilusions #destruction #ignorance

But have you seen and heard yourself? 🦋 do not look at me for answers for I am just here as a reminder of your own divinity 🌕 #universechild || pic @bethanyyoga

::: G R O U N D ::: I live up in the clouds most the time so I have to remind myself to ground, to slow down, breath and look around!!! ☀️ Everyday I get caught up in the world spinnings to fast and next thing I know the day is over😱. . . But when I take that minute or two to - g r o u n d (connect to earth) - I get reminded of the gift of life and my personal power 🔥 "Life doesn't happen to you it happens through you." 🙏🏼✨🌕 // pic @chrispoops @selah.yoga_la

✨ f e e l i n g ✨

✧ ride the waves of life ✧ buckle up and observe ✧ learn trust and stay grounded ✧ everything/everyone around you is your teacher ✧ // thank you beautiful soul for snapping this pic @bethanyyoga

::: R I T U A L S ::: I'm very sensitive to other people's energy. I used to get home after a whole day of teaching feeling not only physically but energetically exhausted and drained. || I went to a healer while in Bali this summer and I asked her how to protect myself from feeling drained by other people's energy. She said: "do not focus on protection, but rather on raising your vibration" ::: Now days every night before bed I take a shower, I visualize all energy I used all day coming back to my body, I clear my aura with a selenite wand, and lastly I sit to meditate in gratitude. ✨ I cannot tell you how much her words have helped me understand its not about protection, but love - how much we give and care for ourselves. 🙏🏼🔮🌕✨

Where are the words to express my heart? Where is the unspoken wisdom?
Come back to me
Through the wind
Through this silence.
Where have you gone
I can't seem to reach you.
I have pen and paper. 👁🌕👁

"You are a vital, precious heart. Start from there." - Ana Forest ❤️ || pic @freespirited_yogi ☀️

So much I can see and feel now days . . . I know the work is never done and I know the more I learn the deeper the pain but also the release.✨ One of the hardest things for me is to accept that I will never please and/or satisfy everyone because they can only do that for themselves. It is hard for me when people see their own reflection on me and not take it personal. . . It is easy to know (we've always known) . . . It is hard to apply the principles to our everyday life. // pic by @chrispoops 💫👁🌙✨💚

Home practice today. A little bit of this 💜A little bit of that 👁✨👁 ::: what we don't practice, we don't get better at . // that abdominal exercise though 😰 🔥

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