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Daniela Arango  500 RYT | Healing ૐ| Reiki 📍Sweden

After meditation and writing and reiki and asanas! A whole morning of self love and care, I believe to be one the best ways to contribute to the healing of those around us. . . e x h a l e , p r a n a “ I am part of the life of the universe “ . . . I n h a l e , j i v a “ I am a living soul, an individual “

Super Green Lemon Balls.
1cup of pitted dates
1/4 cup of shredded coconut
1tbsp of super greens @yoursuperfoods
1/2cup of oats
1/2cup of cashews
Lemon zest from 1/2 Lemon ***blend all together (leave a little bit of shredded coconut) you can add a small amount of water to make it blend easier. Then make small balls and roll then into what is left from shredded coconut! *you can also find the full recipe @yoursuperfoods 🙌🏼😜

Longer peek into the flow from the other day at H O M E 🧘🏼‍♀️🌞📿 . . . No plans just allowing my body and breath to guide the way. In order to fit as much as possible into 1min video I had to speed it up A LOT but real time was about 40min. I wish it was possible to upload longer videos but anyway, some asanas missing, core exercises, short meditation and sweet savasana! ✌🏼😜

You are free to see me as you choose. A while back I had this written on a post-it note next to my bed. We easily forget that the freedom we seek we must also give to others and allow them to see us, and have their own idea of what and who we are. This is not only fair to others but also to ourselves because it reminds us that whatever we do it must be for ourselves - not to fix, or change the opinion that others have of us! // I’m still in Greece at heart 🤷🏼‍♀️ @gypsyon__ @pablos.perspective 💕

“All that can be seen with the eyes can be defined, but not She who is the mother. She is ineffable and inconceivable having a form she is nevertheless herself without a form.” (Tantric Text) 🌞
🎶 Broken Open by Michael Travis, Kat Factor 🔥

And I woke up. Everything seemed brighter and clearer. I could hear, see and feel and I was more aware than I had ever been. Love and compassion overwhelmed my heart. I was part of the symphony 🌞 // pic @pablos.perspective 🙏🏼

f r e e f l o w i n g 📿✌🏼::: Tunes + Sanación by Nicola Cruz

It is so hard for me to take in feedback. I have absolutely come a long way in the understanding that it is a tremendous opportunity for growth, and that it is message from the universe being communicated through a person. I have for so long wanted to be perfect in my reactions, and “achieve” compassion, humbleness and love in every situation, however nowadays I recognize more and more that the fact that I keep failing and being challenged every day its such a gift. Taking feedback was for so long like literally being punched in the stomach! Today its not quite like 😂, it is still comfortable, and part of me fights the idea accepting and implementing changes based on the feedback. However there is also the other part of me that lovingly observes the struggle and without judging but just understands how hard it is for me to process the situation. I’m so happy to be able to hold myself accountable for how far I have come in the process of non reaction and handling things differently. Also I keep in mind that I am human and I have as much darkness as I have light in my being! 💗🙏🏼📿

The most amazing part its to know that “conquering” or to “conquer” is really a relative term. It is never static. It is a constant motion. We move in and out of it at all the time. And since this is the case we might as well have some fun while in and out of conquering. Avoiding the moping and playing the victim our whole lives. 🙏🏼📿
// shot @david_born 😍

“Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart … Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.”
~ Carl Jung.
// 📸 portrait mode on point @pablos.perspective 🤗

Every time I think about something I want to start or do or be successful at, the first thought that comes in it’s a comparison to those who are younger than me and have already achieved all I aim for. And that thought its usually enough to killed my aspirations “I’m tool old, too late, I should have started sooner if I wanted it to work out”. . . ✨TODAY✨ I sit on my bed, writing affirmations and I find myself shockingly in peace with the timing of where I want to be in relationship to where I am. I still have the other “thoughts” but I caught the voice in my head silencing and allowing for divine time to unfold. What do I want to be? Where do I want to be? What do I want to do? And my first answer being I want to continue to heal, to find peace not only on my mat and sitting on meditation but also throughout the day, while living my life. So that maybe I can live from a content place that inspires those around me to seek that place within themselves. 👣👁💕 // song: Daylight by Beauvois

I am surrendering to my path, which unfolds in front of my eyes. I was trying so hard I had forgotten to get out of the way for my spirit to guide me, for my helpers and protectors to show me the way. More meditation, more silence, receptivity, getting out of the way. 👁✨👁 I am exactly where I need to be to continue my healing path, to discover my next step into my life purpose to serve myself and therefor those who I encounter on my time on earth. // pc : @david_born 🙌🏼🌞☁️

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