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Daniela Arango  📍Sweden 500 RYT | Healing ૐ | Colombian born COLOMBIA YOGA RETREAT 🌞10/7-10/14th #manifest Blog ↓


Would you believe me if I tell you that you are ✱ not ✱ alone? 👁

"I will be waiting here....
For your silence to break,
For your soul to shake,
For your love to wake!" —from The Essential Rumi 👁

It depends from what angle you're looking at it.
👁 || 👁 pc : @karmacaptures

👁Some days I feel like I'm just a spectator of my own life. Watching my life unfold and realizing that most of my energy goes to be concerned and affected by the trivial happenings of everyday life. Worrying about bills, worrying about getting a teaching job, ... those days it's hard to see and recognize a bigger purpose. But let us not be mistaken, because even during those days we are all carriers of light and divinity 🌜🌞🌛 We are s t a r s sending out light to those in need.🌟

You remember when you were in school and the teacher would ask a question and nobody would dare to raise a hand and be the first one to answer? Being afraid of being in the spotlight and that the answer you had would not be the correct one 😔🙈. But right after someone finally raised a hand and talked, then every other student would find it easier to do the same. . . This fear of expressing ourselves stays with us our entire lives, and I've been there too many times • Afraid • to speak my truth🔥. Afraid that what I have to say and offer to the world - is not needed or worth anything . . . But every time I have raised my hand and spoken, I have seen the impact that it not only has on myself but others! When we Dare to speak our Truth, WE give others permission to do so as well. 🤚🏼🤚🏼🤚🏼 || Shot by @lifeinanimage 🙏🏼🌟

🦋T h e r e are those people who have beautiful strengths that are very clear to the physical eye. And there are also those people who walk around with incredible skills that not everyone seems to notice. || However, it doesn't matter which one YOU are because - your gifts (and be sure we all have them), they do not have to resemble anyone else's and not everyone needs to know or even see your virtues in order for them to be true. ✨

"Embrace the unknown and flow with the mystery that is unfolding in your life."
Easier said than done but I might as well try since nobody can do it for me (or you).🔥✨|| pc: @karmacaptures ❤️

Right here🌟
San Jeronimo, Colombia
Yoga Retreat October 7th-14th with @freespirited_yogi and I ✨ 🌜🌛✨|| EARLY BIRD PRICES before August 15th get $200 off || Manifest Your DREAMS Into Reality!!!
we’ll work on how to move beyond limiting believes and energetic blocks that stop the flow of realization. Most of the time we know what we want but it all seems too far away from our reach!
we don’t know what we want and our mind is too clouded to even begin to conceptualize our desires.
Sarah and myself would love to help you see more clear and to provide a SAFE SPACE for self expression/exploration. We hope you'll find yourself in a position of better understanding what it is that keeps you playing small, holding back, and/or feeling less than the POWERFUL HUMAN being you are.
Let's salute the sun together! 🌞🔥

From seeking to embodying 💜 || My words. My beliefs. My truth. My personal power. || Wearing ✨ @malabella_jewels

I was there for you, so much that I swallowed my pain and wiped my tears.
I was there for both of you regardless of wether I was strong enough to hold such a space.
I did it out of love and continued to do so.
Today I want to get rid of the pain I've carried with me for years.
This doesn't change my love for you.
Today I want to get rid of the responsibility to always keep it together for the wellbeing of others.
This doesn't change my love for you. #guilt

Dear lover,
You are not responsible for my happiness and neither am I for yours ✨ Only you can make yourself happy and choose to share it all with me ❤️. . . #unconditionallove

No way my body could get into this right now. It screams ::: tight • tight • tight ::: after 11 hour ✈️ sitting in the middle row 😂😑🙈

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