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Daniel  Gtramp ● UÅ ● Hate = Block🚫 Private 👉 @dannikprivat | Snap - danne46


Any tricks ideas at this place tomorrow? 😉Might put another "Box" (or Wtf those things is called) To make it higher🔥😻 #flippingfeed @niklasreiter24 @samuelrapno @oskar.ovall @luqflips @parkourayce @jeremypremand @rammy_ig

daniel_trampEditing lvlup? 😈 insperid by @niklasreiter24 #flippingfeed
Do you luke these edits? Should i do more? Comment!🔥💯 @alex.karlsen @camshorey77 @sigurdgrimsby @lachlanthe1 @aftermathediting

Some sick stuff from this week😈❤️ Could I take that dub side outside this summer?😈 @jake.breshears @lucaskofoed @melvinjandermark @niklasreiter24 @luqflips @alex.karlsen @aftermathediting @eliascarlstrom @albinnorum #flippingfeed #manasam #gtramp

Finally found out how to post direkt from PC/MAC so the Quality Will be much better😈😻 #flippingfeed @axelsson03_ @kevintramp @eliascarl_flips @jeremypremand @alex.karlsen

Double side in ndb on blob😶😳Idek how i did this. This was way to hard than expected😳 And ofc this tricks was for And inspired by @camshorey77 ly man!🙏🏼❤️ And also Trip back ndb that was hard bc i coulndt jump to heigh❤️
@aftermathediting @will__burnett @alex.karlsen @niklasreiter24 @luqflips @melvinjandermark @jesseheffels @lucaskofoed @jake.breshears #flippingfeed #mogge #flips #gtramp #tripple #double

The app is called Enlight Video Leap!❤️🔥

100% Edited on my phone 😻😈 Also going to post the most insane sesh this week😈
Go follow @eliascarl_flips
@aftermathediting @hampton.jarres @sigurdgrimsby @vedeflips @flips.by.levio @purple._.ninja @north.flips #flippingfeed #dubback

Reposting this but here is my Gtgames subision😈😻#grtcrew #gtgames #gtgameseu2018 @gregroetrampoline 💯
Edit cred to my boys @aftermathediting 💯🤙🏼

Sleep just isn’t sleep anymore. It’s an Escape.
#flippingfeed #chasingapassion #need #More #Than #Just #an #escape // @eliascarlstrom @naslundelias123 @jonte610 @camshorey77 @maja.mohlin @victoriaae9 @nfrealmusic

Double Half in backout😻 •Sponsred by @aftermathediting • (Edit by ME)
They post amazing edits and giveaways🔥
Quad front by Elias😻 Btw 100% edited in FCPX🔥
#flippingfeed @eliascarlstrom @albinnorum @teamgym.mans @hugo_gidlund @north.flips @camshorey77 @rammy_ig @elijah_hughes16 @luke.mattson

You Learn More From Failure Than From Success. Don’t Let It Stop You. Failure Builds Character.

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