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😬Cosplayer, Model, Streamer 🙃  👾#twitchpartner : DanicaRockwood 📅Booking:dmarierockwood@gmail.com Fb: Danica Rockwood

* basic bitch song lyrics *
Patreon, where all proceeds go to the ability for me to wear more costumes than actual street clothes.
💕 ( direct link in my bio)
Pic @davidlovephotog

#modelsofinstagram #patreon #artistlife #sephoramy #fitnessgirlsmotivation


Photoshoot all weekend ✔️
🔜 Pax East.
I'll be at pax east all days working with #VersusEvil and @obsidian 's new game: Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.
Been working all month on one of their character's outfits on #twitchcreative in front of you guys. Hope to see you in Boston!!!! 💕

‪Honoring the Tomb Raider movie heres my favorite pic @davidlovephotog and I did.‬ ‪Nah, haven't seen the film yet, skeptical, but as long as it's a fun watch that's all that matters to me. ‬
‪Rise of the Tomb Raider and the 2013 reboot is all I needed.

Pick axes and bow made by @powerloaderprops
Painted and weathered by me.

*green things*
#HalfAssStPatricksDay 🙃

Pic @davidlovephotog

This pic is an accurate representation of how women feel when they shave their legs after a really long time and they want the world to know it.

Also, pic by @davidlovephotog 💎 More on Patreon💎 (Link in my bio)

🎶 Steppin' on the beach DO- DO-DO- Do! 🎶

Pic @davidlovephotog

After a rainy photoshoot in Costa Rica. 💕

Someone told me I should post only cosplay on this account and nothing else. I'm a good listener.
Pic @davidlovephotog

Valentine's Day themes are over that means our boudoir shoots don't have a strict theme! Yay! ( sorry Easter. Pastels aren't my.. thing) 💎Link in my Bio💎
Don't want to spend money? Cool! There's a free feed on Patreon too! :) Pic @davidlovephotog

"Welcome Home, ashen one. Speak thine heart's desire." - Fire Keeper, @darksoulsgame
Pic @davidlovephotog
Costume funded by Patreon: link in my bio to support. ( there's a free feed! 💕 )

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