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Danielle Josolyne  ♡ Kind Tattooing ♡ Tunbridge Wells B&G or Colour. Books open ___________________ ♡No DMs Please! ♡Website or Email only ♡Joshy

Thanks for the mini feature @skindeep_uk

Scar cover up for the amazing Niki. Thank you for your trust and brilliant conversation xxx good day x

For Sam yesterday: linking a few other tattoos and wip to his sleeve. Thank you! 😊 for bookings please email danibelleink@gmail.com

Variation on one of my ghost girls for Will for his best friend ♥️ I love how the meanings of these can be changed. Happy to do lots of variations of these ladies, they make me smile and my heart warm 😊

Thank you Lauren! Enjoyed this one 😊 today @14arrowstattoo

Added some floral elements to Sadie's kitty today @14arrowstattoo well done for sitting so well! X

"Symbol of protection" Thank you @ceganrurry for filling my cancellation ♥️ gave me something pretty to do! Love this placement! Today @14arrowstattoo

Sooo this isn't something I'd usually do; but it's hard not to *want* to tattoo #sailorjerry and try to live up to just a pin hairs worth of his talent (pushing it even still). The theory behind his work has always fascinated me and tattooing one of his pieces was a real highlight for me. I must point out that i wouldn't traditionally recreate another tattoo that isn't something I've designed, and I even battled with myself as to whether to post it. But life is for living and this was SO much fun. So @sailorjerry #normancollions This one is for you x

*not my design* this awesome drawing was designed by the very talented @shrubbieshrubb thank you for trusting me with your own art, I hope I did it justice! It's always lush to have you in the studio ♥️ thanks again 😘

Thank you Byrony! Super long day, absolutely shattered but feeling happy ♥️ night all x today @14arrowstattoo

Proteas, jasmine and a peeping flapjack for Tara. Thank you so much ♥️ first day back in the fresh new @14arrowstattoo what better excuse to swing by 😜 booking the remainder of July. Email danibelleink@gmail.com for enquiries x

Oh hey ! It feels like forever! (It's been 5 days 🤫). I've had some lovely family time, husband time and me time (plus a million errands I won't bore you with). I am prepped for the weekend SO I got to draw! These are wip but I was busting to post them. I'd like to do some more illustrative pieces in colour or black and grey (all other enquiries are also welcome btw) and just extend my portfolio a little more. If these are of interest pop me an email (spot the theme here?). I have a few slots left in July. I hope you're having a fun baby Friday 🍑

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