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Dani Alva  22 | Mother | 💋♥️ @d.prince5 ♥️💋 Artist at Ink Rush Tat2 in Carrollton, Ga | Dream out loud ₪ ø lll ·o.

I just realized I never posted these photos from like a month ago. Just another bit of my many adventures with my @d.prince5

I love our adventures 😊♥️ I can’t wait go hiking again! Soon ♥️@d.prince5

I never posted about this book I preordered months ago and got a little while back. Such a cute little book if you feel like these comics describe your relationship. ♥️♥️♥️

Bad lighting, but here’s a fun little Grumpy done on a great friend. 😊 Thanks for letting me tattoo you, Lloyd! Happy belated birthday. ♥️ More character tattoos please!

I’d like to do this peony today in full color. $100 on the arms, legs or back only.

@d.prince5 surprised me with this today and of course I burst into big, ugly tears. I love it so much ♥️

You’ve made me happier than I’ve ever been. Thank you for being so good to me ♥️ @d.prince5

Started a Spyro project on an old friend yesterday. 😊 Thanks Nikki!! excuse the music note stencils. We decided to do those next time when we add color :)

My very talented boyfriend, @d.prince5, has decided to try to raise money for college by raffling off these paintings of his! He is only raffling the copies though. Keep in mind he poured his heart into these and put a lot of time into them and even buying copies of paintings is pretty expensive. They are the same size as the original paintings as well and he will be choosing the winner on July 20th! Please help support him by buying a ticket for $5 and you could win! Message him if interested! They would be lovely in any living room ♥️

Last night was a different experience. I’ve been to A LOT of concerts but because I’m so small its always been hard for me to enjoy the full experience. Thank you Dawson for holding me up for a good while ♥️ I look forward to seeing myself go nuts in whatever they were filming 😂

On the way to see 30 Seconds to Mars last night ♥️

30 Seconds to Mars was absolutely INCREDIBLE last night!!!!!! By far the best concert I’ve ever experienced. Thank you Dawson for holding me up because I’m short and Shayna for tagging along so last minute ♥️ I had a wonderful time seeing them again!

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