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Daniel Greenwood  Do what makes you happy. Don't conform to society. Live free. Create and enjoy the ride Banff Spring Workshop here:

Just a reminder for those that signed up for my Google hangouts live class. It will be taking place this Sunday night. I have sent out emails to everyone! If you did not receive an email please DM me here. I will be doing these live classes more in the future as it sold out almost a few hours after. Thanks all stay inspired!

Some of the craziest light I've ever witnessed right after a rain storm in the North Cascades. So many beautiful elements all at once.

I'm tired of people telling me what I can and can't post on my Instagram. Everytime I post something non photography related my DMs get blown up by people telling me I shouldn't post it cuz it isn't Inspiring for them etc. Honestly I'm a fucking person I got a personal life away from photography as well. I'm not a machine that just creates images for y'all to look at every day. Here's a collection of selfies and family stuff. If you don't like it kindly fuck off and don't follow me then

*Sold Out* Join me in a week as I go live and teach 5 students my entire creative process from start to finish. I will be doing this special one time course via Google hangouts where I share my screen and go over all techniques and questions. 90USD per person to secure your spot . Please DM me for details!

Magic mountain

Magic in the desert

First light at Castle Mountain. Surprisingly this was one of the colder morning here in the Rockies at -40c the water was still flowing. Found some spots after a short hike down the river with my workshop where it was peaceful and quite. Thanks for looking. .
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Creation is limitless. follow the light

A new image from a trip to the Rockies back in January. Twilight out here is always something special. Thanks for looking

What is your purpose in life. What is your meaning? Is it to fight to save the world and its people, animals,or is it to fight over a new silly social media app. Or perhaps fight over who uses photoshop and who doesnt..Seing all this negitivity around social media over a new app and other things lately really shows the direction of humanity lately. Wake up folks the world needs us.

So many people have often wondered about this image and it's creation. Multiple exposures and hours of processing time a few years back. I put a lot of emotion into the creation of my images and art. Here's the processed version and swipe right for the RAW image. Thanks for looking

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