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Dangotesalt  Dangote Salt is Nigeria's #1 Salt brand!! Have you tried @dangote_danq ?

Feed your body with healthy nutrition. Get the recipe for this potato salad in our bio. #MoreToit

Our diets are slowly but surely adapting to the tastiness of Basmati rice. Get the recipe for cooking the perfect Basmati rice in our bio. #MoreToit

Do you know the name of the secret ingredient that makes salad taste better? Hint: There's #MoreToit

Did you have a stressed week? No worries - just unwind with a bowl of tasty ewedu soup. What swallow goes best with it? #MoreToIt

Can you guess the name of this soup? The first part of the name is 'bitter' but the soup is delicious. #MoreToit

Explore the goodness of avocado with Dangote Iodized salt. #MoreToit

Few swallows taste better than Efo riro and Semo. Is it better as lunch or as dinner?#MoreToit

A is for Afang. Name the perfect swallow that goes with it. #MoreToit

A perfect meal is made complete with a food-fie.
Do you agree? #MoreToit #FoodieThursday

A year from now, you will wish you had started today- Karen Lamb. #DoItNow #MondayMotivation

Do you know that a full course dinner can consist of 3, 10, 16 or sometimes, up to 21 courses?
When last did you dine like a king? #MultipleCourses #ManyMeals #FineDining #MoreToit

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