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Dangerous Woman Tour  Updates and stuff about Ariana Grande's Dangerous Woman Tour // Positivity ♡ 🌎 Next Show : Tokyo, Japan - August 10


M&G Costa Rica • July 9! #DangerousWomanTour (1)

M&G Costa Rica • July 9! #DangerousWomanTour

Hi guys i hope y'all are having a good day :) ❤️ #DangerousWomanTour

Two months ago from today, 22 beautiful people died in a bomb attack after our idol's concert. I still can't believe that this, really happened, atfer this we were all heartbroken, and we are still i guess. But Ariana and us, as a a family gave so much love after this tragedy. Proof that love is stronger than ANYTHING. And Ariana shared love and only love after all the hate we've been through after this tragedy, so proud of my idol. Still affected by this, still thinking about them everyday, still can't believe that 22 people died this day. They will be forever in my heart no matter what. I hope their families and people who were affected by this will be alright. May these angels find peace whenever they are, because thats all they deserved. We love you forever, rest in peace angels ☁️💡 #OneLoveManchester (this poem is not mine)

Forever Boy intro is one my favorite thing ever wow look at her ☁️#DangerousWomanTour

I hate when the tour is on break because i miss it so much / miss updating too :') but im glad ariana's having fun with her friends and family 💛💡 #DangerousWomanTour

Hi guys hope you all had an amazing day and that you smiled a lot. Remember that you are not alone and people care about you. You're beautiful and worth it 💡❤️ love you all so fucking much #DangerousWomanTour

Its been confirmed that both of the Monterrey shows are cancelled. This means that the South American Leg of the tour is now over. 💡❤️ #DangerousWomanTour

Many tours promoters confirmed that tonight's show in Monterrey is cancelled. #DangerousWomanTour

Apparently, Ariana is sick and tomorrow's show could be cancelled but this is still unconfirmed!#DangerousWomanTour

Thank you for being so so strong and thank you for being in our lives :(( we love you forever and always 💜💡 #DangerousWomanTour

Only two shows until the third leg of the dangerous woman tour is over! 💜💡 #DangerousWomanTour

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