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Sami Sigman  When all I needed was you you weren't there. <\3. And the scars remind me of that day you went away.

So here's the thing. It's kind of my best friends birthday today. She is the most amazing person I have ever met. All the memories I will never forget. That day at lunch we had two spoons, a jar of marshmallow fluff, and teddy grams. Or the night before Caitlyn's New Years party when we ate chocolate donuts right before bed then woke up and did our makeup and got ready to go hang out with our friends. Or Morgan's birthday party at the bowling alley. No matter what happened that night we all had some sort of fun. I still have the note you wrote me on the back of my geography and history of the world rules list. And the best friends poster that says "best friend, worst enemy(sports wise)". But one of my favorites is still the night we stayed up ad watched paranormal activity and some other movie and we had our giant pixie sticks (: You're my sister. My packers sister. I miss ou so much and I hope we can hang out sometimes soon. Happy birthday girl. I love you sis <3 #piccollage

Most of you already could have guessed by my woman crush Wednesday is my obsession Marilyn Monroe. Of Norma Jeane Mortenson(same person). She is sooooooo beautiful<3 #wcw

When you're so mad you wanna cry.. Where are my butterflies? #Butterflyproject

Please tell me what I want to know #crushingonyou

Please be true with me like I'm true with you. I seem to like you and you seem bored What am I to think? #crushingonyou

Dry those eyes and mend your heart because you found someone who will pick up the pieces.

You look to the sky and find no answer. So you look to the one who's been there for ya. But the disappointment comes when no one stands behind you.

When your world is falling apart you you have no one to turn to what do you do? You turn over the blade and start new.

These three girls <3 #womancrushwednesday

#Transformationtuesday. Wow a picture from my freshman year and then now. So much has changed and for the better. This is just nuts. I feel like I don't even recognize that freshman. #piccollage

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