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Jonathan Gomes 🇺🇸🇵🇹  STOCKTON, CA. 95' RS 97'/00' Type R - QSD - MyersCompetition - Checkerd Sports - Valley Cylinder Heads - ☠️

Limit 4 sir. Ok, ring me up 5 times, thanks. 🤠

Sad to see friends sell their cars. Homie Claudio hit me up, asked if i wanted a few Comptech parts, straight trade for OEM parts. Comptech oil cap and a Comptech RSX battery tie down. Today was a good day. 🍻 #comptech

Just about getting to this point at work. 🤬

Another one coming to NorCal. 🔥 (not me)

Gasket is still good. 😎

SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD For Sale, Buddy Club Super Low Down Rails for Recaro style seats, fits EG/DC, bottom mount. When I bought these the guy shipped them with no packing inside the box. Missing a driver side front seat tab. Either the piece was broken off in shipping or it was broken off and he didn’t tell me, i don’t have it. Easy to weld on a new tab. 2nd picture shows what is missing. Was going to fix and use myself but picked up some Bride rails awhile back. $175 shipped (Shipped in different box) Maybe trade, lemme know what you got.

Appreciate the interest people have shown but I will no longer be powder coating, just stuff for myself. I don’t have the desire to constantly be doing valve covers all the time. I wanted to learn something new, I did. Maybe carbon fiber is next. Thanks guys.

Post office this morning, grocery shopping, worked out, now BBQ’n 2lbs of beef goodness. Afterwards take a nap, workout again tonight and eat another 2lbs of goodness. Happy Saturday and Happy New Year. 🍻

J&J Honda bootleg is complete. From start to finish, swipe left. I’m all for authentic parts but I ain’t paying $300 for a shitty painted OEM valve cover when I can do it myself for $10. 😝 They aren’t perfect. I’m going to start media blasting them instead of using paint stripper. The OEM finish on the k series valve covers is almost bullet proof. 💀

Shout out to the 🔌 for hooking it up with that brand new Mugen radiator ca....oh wait.

For the sensitive people.

Had this and a few other colors sitting for awhile. New bootleg coming soon, M&M Honda.🍻

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