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Carlo J  Los Angeles, CA Monosyllabic Boy Wrote @melodramatic.fool 🔒 @mewithout_

Love is a lot like a gummy bear, I'll never get over the satisfaction of biting its head off.
#vsco #haribo #gummybears #bitingheadsoff #candyporn

Romantic AF

write about it
every goddamn time
goose-down pillows and your favorite sweater
promises in puffs of smoke and chasers
all for you and only you, baby
authentic pandering after lint and change
now, go on, put em pages together
voila! a book
a whole fucking book about it
sell em books
advertise the shit outtavum
love, they say in neon lights
buy now for a discount
this is medicine for your soul, wanderer
the answer to the pain
this is what love is about
the honest, often ugly
with little words--

In the US Holocaust Museum 📷: Sarah Rose #peoplestillsleeping

when your waiter says "enjoy your meal" and you say "you too"

Well it takes one to know one, kid, I think you've got it bad. - Bright Eyes

Me when people start talking about football #oranyofthattrivialshit #notaboutthatlife #skinnyjeans #vsco

And when we touched she didn't shudder at my pawwwww #catsofinstagram #tuxedocat #mustachecat

Post up at the bar and I'm double fisting
Talking to a mannequin
I don't know what it means when he takes my pulse
And says that I'm a lot like him
I say that's fair enough that's why I'm trying to loosen up -Conor Oberst

He shot me down, bang bang

Life's an odd job that she don't got the nerve to quit. - Conor Oberst #vsco #dtla #conoroberst #2016