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Danell J Leyva  2016 Olympic Double Silver Medalist | 2012 Olympic AA Bronze Medalist | 5x World Medalist Contact: danellleyvausa@gmail.com


Caption this ☹️😂

@wearemitu just posted this on their Snapchat page!!! Go check it out!! 🤸🏽‍♂️🌀 @jennizzle

Ok people, this is not a drill!! Tomorrow, @wearemitu is going to be releasing the video of how I make my abuela go crazy 😁👍🏽 so make sure you tune in to find out!

New headshots 😊🎥📺🤞🏽

Sometimes I'll let the kids take the ball away from me... but not always 😁🤷🏽‍♂️⚽️

#tb to when I blew up the wall in the @diesel campaign... this so much fun!! I can't wait to do more stunt stuff like this #makelovenotwalls

28 years ago today, 96 children, women and men lost their lives at Hillsborough. We will never forget them.

Workin on that whippage @thef2 🎥& commentary: @felicia_hano 😂👍🏽⚽️ #f3 ? 🤔😅

When in Rome.... or in this case Muscle Beach 💪🏽😏👍🏽

Hoje é o aniversário de um dos melhores jogadores a viver... Você sempre foi uma inspiração para mim (e muitos outros) com sua atitude é sorriso. Embora seu sucesso em sua carreira fala por si mesmo, eu sempre admirei você como uma pessoa tanto quanto um atleta. Feliz aniversário, espero te conhecer um dia logo. @ronaldinho

Tommy's step brother Wall-E West :)

Happy birthday to this girl that I love so much... thank you for being such a huge inspiration to me in and out of the gym leading up to the Olympics. I always have the best time with you and you always make me laugh. I'm so happy to call you my little sister.

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