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Dane Cook  Growing up against my will.

There is no better place to be when your crowd is laughing & you’re having the same amazing great time performing for them.
I was thinking about all the emotions I’ve worked through while standing on a stage for most of my life.
I’ve performed with uncertainty, frustration, depression, delight, regret, resilience, grief, love, enthusiasm, boredom, belief, confusion, detachment, anger, introspectiveness, joyfulness, cluelessness, reveling, revealing, hopelessness, hopefulness — and this is just during one show. #rimshot
But seriously folks.
I’ve put everything in me into my performances and I’ve had my performances take everything out of me.
Thank you to everyone that ever sat in a seat to watch me feel something too in life. I’ve enjoyed it all in those moments or in hindsight.
This next year of shows are going to be a blast. #2018 #wordoftheyear #fortuitous

I’m so excited Jesus is delivering my “last lunch” on this good Friday afternoon. My kinda sorta buddy Judas just left so that’s probably best as I don’t need no biblical drama and shit.
I am assuming that my wheat chicken wrapture & salad will be bread & wine which totally goes against my current diet. Jesus had great abs for a guy that ate bread & wine all the time.
Once time I used Postmates to deliver some burgers & fries and Buddha delivered my meal which ended up being 55 giant burgers and 55 orders of steak fries.

#wbw to the worst poster for a restaurant I’ve ever seen.

I don’t know this woman but I care about her so much and didn’t expect the news to show her slow falling on ice. I literally reached towards the tv and tried to catch her.
Sorry mystery lady that your young friend has terrible reflexes.

Day 2 of a year filled with tons of new ventures & adventures. I ushered in 2018 with two shows that were made up of 2 new hours of comedy (more on where and when to see me live & on TV / film) and an invention I’ve been noodling a while. Yup.. I’m getting all entrepreneurial in my down time. Don’t worry I’m not coming out with my own line of sweat pant jeans called Daneim Jeanz.
Thank you to everyone who came out on NYE & Day 1 - you were just aces.
2018 is going to be a ferociously successful year for anyone that puts their mind to work, their body to the test & their soul into all of it. I can’t wait to celebrate victories with friends & fans alike.
We all took knocks last year. We watched as heros failed us & how those without a voice were heard loud & clear. Tons more work to do and if you are not giving back to your community how can you have the environment to surround yourself with the habitat necessary to focus inward?
2018 here we go!

-12 with a wind chill of 32 below but we’re about to heat up Minnesota & ring in 2018 in style.

I’m lookin’ at 2018 like, “you better be cool yo”
#wheniflexmylipsdissapear #bostonstrong #futureman #allthingspossible

I am so grateful to do what I love, share it with people I love & come home to a house I love.
I appreciate all the opportunities I’ve had as well as the opportunity to try even when the results varied.
Life is so strange & interesting. It’s a constant challenge & sometimes the darkest corners are where the brightest rewards are garnered.
Each year you have to set a course of action, write down what you are capable of and start moving to the center of your goals.
2018 is going to be another tremendous year. There will be hurdles to jump so stay limber. There will be side tracking ordeals so learn to improvise. Most of all there will be days filled with whatever you pour your heart and soul into so take full advantage of them anytime you can.
Let go of negativity & allow the pain to pass. As a member of the “I wonder if it’s possible” club I can proudly tell you YES you can make something a reality from a realization.
#forward #onwardandupward

I was playing #playerunknownsbattlegrounds or #pubg as the cool kids call it & this guy thought he could stand in the middle of the road and shoot me with his M16A4.
I rammed him directly and he landed in the bed of my pick up truck. Gotta give it to him. Even in death he clings to his weapon.

Happy 2nd birthday to @AlwaysChopper !!
His bday treat went under the couch and he gave us a good laugh. #determinedpuppy

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