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Dane Cook  Growing up against my will.

My ride or die, bestest friend a fella could hope to find. I've known @chefcarolshiu for a good chunk of time now. She was there for me at my lowest points and I won't soon forget it. We have had deep talks, endless laughs, debates, stare downs, dance offs, fights, more fights & more than anything we have never given up on each other.

I can. I will.

Honestly.. this little guy is all I need.

April 1st would have been my moms 77th birthday. But the funny thing is my mom was really ageless. I've learned this as I've gotten older. My brain is smarter (ahem) but my spirit is so youthful and enthusiastic. My mom had that same boundless energy. I understand now more than ever how inspired my mom could get and how when she had what she called a "pipe dream" in her mind she just couldn't stop thinking it to actuality. I used to ask her what I was capable of and she would say "anything you put your mind towards baby!" I know realize that is because that's how she thought!
My mom will always be my best friend. If you knew her you knew a survivor, a supporter & more than anything you knew a voice of truth.
Sometimes bombastic & brash mostly quiet & observing - she could read people. She knew someones true intentions and she made no bones about it when she told you how it is.. and you would listen and learn.
I miss you so much mom. I wanna hug you hard today and tell you my new dreams and ideas so we could manifest them together. I want that comfort you provided when I was lonely. I wish you could be here to be my mom today and let me be a good son and treat you for your bday. Lots of love forever.
Your son -
Mr. D

Hahahahahah ohhhh #usweekly you're good. This is true but as my friend Danny said, "it could be worse.. you could've been Mel Gibson eating steak alone."

This is why I love my sister @_courtneycook_ to pieces.
Even during my lows she makes me laugh.

We managed to escape 2 rooms this weekend both in record time w/ no hints (we didn't even have a walker talkie with us). As "Off The Grid" Danny said: "We don't get paid for our talents yet. We're semi pro."

Don't leave me crayons when I'm waiting for my dinner.

The best stand up specials on any media right now are because of these two fellas. Chappelle is at the top of his game (again) and delivers twice. Sharing the stage in 1995 late nights in the village NYC - the greatest memories.
I opened with Dave because @nealbrennan can fully follow him with his special 3 Mics. Watch it.. it is fucking great. Not many specials are special these days but Neals is. Watch them both on Netflix.
What about that guy in the middle? My philosophy is good comedy takes time. Don't you worry I've got a few new ideas clinking around in my noggin. Stay close.

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