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Dane Cook  Growing up against my will.

Sitting on my porch with my dog just letting the year wash over me. It was a lot of work but from it came great rewards. I appreciate you all. I’m grateful for my friendships, my health & my future.
Sometimes life can drop a dump truck filled with old dildos on your head but other times it just lets that dump truck filled with the old dildos just drive on by so you can point and laugh with the rest of the world.
I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m looking forward to sharing 28 years of experiences with you on my Tell It Like It Is tour next year and I hope you come out and spend sometime with me. See ya on the flip side.

It’s the 12 Dane’s of Christmas!

‪Presale starts tomorrow at
10am & ends at 10pm Thurs.‬

‪Tix go fast so use the presale pw.

Password: TellIt‬ ‪

More 411 in my bio. ‬

Post pix in your story of your confirmation tix & TAG me. If I see them I will randomly choose people to upgrade or get some new merch!

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Here is a #tbt pic with my sister @_courtneycook_ for something I was promoting somewhere.
It’s been fun working with her and I look forward to what’s next!

This is my favorite moment before I take the stage. The few silent thoughts that stream through my mind as I go from normal human guy to the transformation onstage becoming some kind of super robot that can spit improv faster than I can think it between the well crafted framework of a “routine.” The merging of a real present cerebral conversation seamlessly intertwined with bits meticulously crafted over months and years.
I’ve stood onstage for more of my life than having not performed. I’ve spent most of my life as a comedian and an entertainer. It’s been a gift to me and it has been a gift I give.
I have worked along side the best comedians on the planet at the best clubs with the best stages. I’ve been a part of their lives and your lives. If you are a hardcore fan or casual observer or even a non fan that just wants to see what I’ve drummed up.. this is my truth. This is what I live for.
I’ve gotten pretty good the last few years. Better than ever. Happier than ever. More ferocious than ever in my journey for unadulterated truth. I have a lot to say... I’m waiting for my intro. I am seeing my success by sharing my failures and my crowning achievements. This is going to be another incredible journey.

I went full Griswald this year.

7 years ago today we lost one of the funniest people I’ve ever worked with and someone I was proud to have called my friend, Patrice O’Neal.
Unique & unrelenting onstage. Inquisitive and wise. Raw and real. I spent many many years working back east (and on the road) with Bruiser. Our moms were friends and always would sit together at gigs and support each other’s sons. Patrice also stuck up for me on more than one occasion when I was taking hits from haters. He never was swayed, his loyalty rock solid. He had a great heart and as time has passed he once told me about a few people to be weary of. He was right about all of them. Thx man for the insight and the foresight. You left an impression like no other performer I know and I miss seeing you making the masses laugh.
My shows tonight are for you Patrice. RIP my road dog friend and brother.

Yesterday @itskelsitaylor & myself prepared and cooked for her family and mine! It was an incredible day eating, laughing, watching football, eating, cleaning up, eating and eating. I ate my weight in leftovers before midnight.
I could not be more thankful to have spent it with KT. Thx to her mom @debalma for making the best mashed potatoes & gravy.
I always celebrate my parents by trying to make it a peaceful relaxed day since they were not always great at that haha (had to be there I guess).

Happy Thanksgiving!!
Full disclosure: This is photoshopped.

A wonderful segment filled with unselfish gestures....until.... you look.... A ... LITTLE .... CLOSER.

Two amazing women have helped shape me as a person. They are my mom Donna & my sister @_courtneycook_ . I don’t know where I would be without my moms confidence and belief in me throughout her living years (and even since her passing some of her “lessons” still linger and flourish).
Courtney will always be my little sister but her strength and character is something I will always look up to. I think we are both the best of our moms and dads (okayyy not all the best parts.. we could do without the anxiety and effects of it hehe). I have the drive my father had with the energy and positivity my mom had.
No matter what happens for the rest of my life I can say without pause my life up until now has been a great one with too many happy memories. Even some of the sad ones have ripened over the years and are quite delicious to look back on and laugh at.
No matter what your struggling with just find the silver lining and work your way inward. #forward #dreamon #mom #sister #grateful

Our film is almost locked! I’m so happy to have collaborated with my friend @mo_abhat and creating something timely & entertaining. Directing it was special.
Submitted to all major festivals. Can’t wait to watch it with a crowd. @rosskohn & @lanancy114 producing through Indy Entertainment.

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