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Dane Cook  Growing up against my will.

Sometimes we literally make each other smile.

Last night we escaped the Pirates Bay room with 4 min to sparrrrrghhhhh.
We then did FBI in a record breaking 42 min without using a single hint. We have fast become the most talked about escape room artists and honestly I think we are ready for the the escape room mud run. Or whatever the Olympic of escape rooms are. We still have a few more to do such as Doghouse Tumble, Candyland Upsidedown, Trumps Brain & @marcmaron's garage. All challenges but we ready.
Starring Mo "Locksmith" Abhat
Mary "Wordsmith" Viola
Danny "Puzzlemaster" Mackey
Amy "Listen to Reason" Fourslice
& hi I'm Dane "I Read Everything" Cook
Thx #mazerooms for our fun frustration fits!!

The simple response to why I do what I do and why performers need that challenge and chaos, the impossible task of making an "easy living" in the arts. Yet it speaks to so many that can't quite allow the norm to encompass them. This quote sums it all up and I'm glad I found it because it brings me peace to know others understand.

Sony is really slipping with the new

My buddy Laurence Fishburne is so good in John Wick 2. I loved this movie - go see it and count bullets.



A little Valentine's Day ditty for a pretty girl. #Baby

The BK Lounge is now offer adult toys as a part of their Grownup Meal.
Mine came covered in mayo.
No you really can put sweet & sour sauce all over your pussy.