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Dane Cook  Growing up against my will.

Just a couple of self made internet wranglers talkin’ shop & formulating a plot. #staytuned #dreamteam #dentistsloveus

A few months into what would slowly become a few decades.
#comedy #standup #backintheday #throwbackthursday

For most of my life when the night comes I am somewhere standing up doing what I love. This is a pic from @laughfactoryhw after Retaliation dropped. It’s still one of my favorite spots to test new material.

I was fortunate enough to direct this music video for an artist I really love. @itskelsitaylor is the real deal triple threat. She can sing, write lyrics and create musically. Her first EP is out now and this video is on her IG bio today so you’re only a couple of clicks away from watching.
Please share it if you dig it.
Special shout out to @thetylershields for cameras, lights and location. Thx @alliemarieevans for being a one woman glam squad and lighting wrangler. Thx @rowanglenn for helping me bring my inspired vision to life with your editing and fx skills.
There is nothing better in art than truth and vulnerability. If you subscribe to that you will enjoy this.

On the road with amazing people and dog.

My bro.

1st place can be lonely.

Back on & above the road for shows back east. #tourdates
@itskelsitaylor 📸

Slo mo + dog = 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Hey @kaepernick7 I saw your Nike ad and wanted to share mine!

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