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Dane Cook  Growing up against my will.


Last night on @americangodsstz you saw be be bad as Robbie. Today see me fight for good as The Batman. CLICK THE LINK IN MY BIO FOR 10 MINUTES OF JUSTICE. #nsfw @thetylershields
Somewhere between the Burton Batman with Keaton's charm & Lego Batman, where the world is its own, my version with Tyler Shields at the helm is viable.
This is the caped crusader with a sense of humor, deep rooted rage, a palpable energy & an innocence lost with young Bruce Wayne's parents struck down. I know this character because I've had parallels in my own life.
So if you're asking me.. Dane Cook are you saying you want to play Batman? I say, "Hey.. I couldn't be any worse than Clooney."

Thank you everyone who watched @americangodsstz last night with yours truly. We had a great damn time making it and knew it would be a conversation starter.
My friend (in and off the show) @rickywhittle is gracious, cool & talented as all get out. I can't wait to see what happens next.
@emilyjanebrowning you could not have been more welcoming and your performance knocked me out. Excellent working with you till death did us part.
Betty Gilplin is on some next level shit. Her performance is an inspiration - as an actor alone watch how many emotions she fit into 3 sentences.
Michael Green, @bryanfullergram @neilhimself thanks for letting me find a way to give you the Robbie you needed & deserved while still allowing me to create & play.
@fmnatv - killing it @starz - kiiiiilling it

Holy shit what an amazing reaction from the first airing of @americangodsstz tonight. Here I am with a lot of the cast, we watched the show together. It's such an unreal group. As my boy @rickywhittle says " Here is the #GodSquad ."

Are you ready? Tonight's @americangodsstz is gonna be a game changer. Watch @emilyjanebrowning give one of my favorite performances I've seen on TV in a while. So grateful for the shared screen time.
The whole cast & crew deserve the praise. This show rocks. Let me know what you think of my character Robbie after you watch. I will be replying in the comments section!

Call me crazy but I agree with this completely.

Bday dinner for @mo_abhat !

What bad could come from a simple hug?
Find out tomorrow on @AmericanGodsStz

DC got him selves a hairscut.

This Sunday night on @americangodsstz find out the VERY interesting question I'm asked by @emilyjanebrowning's character Laura Moon to my character Robbie, @rickywhittle's Shadow Moon best friend.
This episode is rip shit bonkers. You're gonna love it. #starz

I just found this in my camera roll & cant stop laughing. Scaring my brother Richard is maybe the greatest thing ever. Plus my sister Courtney's laugh. Haha.
I'm a grown ass boy.

Once again @beardedhumor for the good of the people. #cyclopsdane

No. For real. I want this cyclops goat.

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