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  Jus bein' regular ol Dandy 🤓 Stay Groovin 🏁⚰️ NOTB 🌙


Wish i could be this small atm n not have a worry in the world lol gonna try n stay off this for a few days :-) ✌🏽

LOOK AT HOW BEAUTIFUL THIS IS ⚰️🏁 ayyyyy and ima be playin' some jammers for yall in between sets. You already knoowww gonna be playin' some of my late 90s- early 2000s hip hop n R&B cause das ma shittt, maybe some cumbias and merengue and other random shit jus to keep yall groovin' 🤓 and so you can enjoy a lil bit of everything at the show, ya know skank one minute, shake ya ass another, do your pasito tun tun the next, what else yall wanna hear in between sets? I might have it who knows lol. But anywho get ya ticketssss w no service fee at the stores listed or online at ticketfly.com ! Follow @evoekoremedia for more details


Still haven't forgot about yo bitch ass pathetic ass perverted ass self. And @ everyone that continues to think this shit is being brushed under the rug. That we ain't doin' shit about it. I don't see yall gathering every week planning, organizing, tryna make moves and if you are well you ain't making it public either. Maybe the womxn affected can't make their moves so public for their own safety and to not screw themselves over but aye the system is failing (no surprise there) and that don't mean we stop trying. We. Are. Fucking. Trying. It ain't as easy as 1 2 3 to go n run to authorities and the case gets solved like some Law N Order shit, that ain't the reality. Stop running your fuckin mouth if you ain't doin shit either when we are but just not blasting it out there for the safety of the womxn affected. However our patience is running thin w this fucked up system sooooo yeah jus lettin yall know this shit aint bein' brushed under the rug and we are def trying our absolute best to do what we can. On my part I'm definitely not gonna let nobody forget this foo's face or actions on these womxn. We're planning, we're organizing but it's a long process. Sucks that the survivors have to put in so much work to get their justice, I'd like to see more people in the community that are making complaints take more action and plan/organize something themselves if they wanna see justice too 🙃🙃🙃 hard to do all the work ourselves. #NiUnaMás #DownWithFauxtografo #FearDoesNotEqualConsent #NoDoesNotMeanConvinceMe

Anyone w info hit up those numbers listed ‼️‼️

@suavecitapomade @suavecitopomade came thruuuuu, gracias! 🌹✨ nevaaa let me down when it comes to styling my hair. Just recently tried the hurrspray that shit is magical yo yall betta try that shit I ain't playin

Rp @nightoftheblaxican ・・・
"Dont forget. THIS SUNDAY at 9 in Hawthorne, @Lets.give and NOTB comin together to make food and give it to those who have not. WE ARE COLLECTING DONATIONS to make Turkey, PBnJ sandwiches & toiletries bags. For the list & ADDRESS you can DM @Lets.give (NO EMPTY HANDS) Repost this flyer because we need all the volunteers we can get. Thank you familia, hope to see all yall faces when we hit skid row. #Community"

I miss annoying my sister. Yall lyin if you claim you don't sing to this song like this
Ps i look at old snaps of myself sometimes to lighten my mood when im down hehe i make myself laugh tbh

This doesn't feel real to be honest. Still feel like I can jus go visit you and you'll spoil me w tortillas, sopapillas (idk how they're spelled) frijoles, n some of your café you make that everyone in my family loves. Still feels like I can get all dolled up for you whenever I was gonna visit cause you'd loooove when I do my hair "con el flor rojo y pico coloreado". You would jus stare at me and say "ay que hermosa Amandita" lol 🌹Part of me hurts for obvious reasons, but the other part of me knows you're no longer suffering so that gives me some kind of peace and helps me keep it together. And I know how badly you jus wanted to be in your casita en Chihuas and you were finally able to go back. Pulled through for 88 years ✨ I don't wanna sit here and mourn over your life, but rather celebrate the long life you lived 🌸 I'm happy I got to see you and hold your hand y despidirme antes de regresarte Abuelita Nena, siempre en mi corazon te quiero , Rest In Power abue 💕

Soooooo ima be able to make it tonight gonna DJ for yall see ya beautiful faces thurr 🌹

FREEEEE PROM DRESSES YALLL 🌹🌹🌹🌹 THERE WILL BE PLUS SIZES AND SUITS TOO come through n pick one out today at 4:30 ! And don't forget our off prom this Sunday ✨🌙 YO SHOUTOUT TO @alybabyfacee SCHOOL FOR THE DRESSES N JUS TO ALL MY FRIENDS WHO PUTTIN IN WERK TO GET THIS DONE @hoodprofet @darlenesgay @aaronsanford @nofayes @uchhee @k6mil AND EVERYONE ELSE YALL KNOW WHO YOU ARE BUT YALL THE SHIT FR GO THANK THEM FOR DOIN THIS

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