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Chingo mucho  Trying, learning, forever growing 🌹 @lets.give 's Director of Culture ✨

Night night b safe everyone

Hey y’all! We’ll be back at UCLA this Saturday to facilitate our self-love/care workshop 💖 if you’d like to sign up/ know anybody that would like to attend contact @wendyycee to reserve your spot!

REPOST @k6mil :
“GET INFORMED on the protests happening in Gaza , the one-state and two-state solution, and the history of injustice between Palestine 🇵🇸 and Israel 🇮🇱 . Palestinians are protesting for many reasons— the continued colonial occupation of their land by Israel, the blockage of life-sustaining resources, Trump’s complicity in their oppression, prejudiced violence, etc. In this moment, we are witnessing colonization and uprisings in action. Palestine Matters bc liberation for all oppressed people matters. End the Israeli settler apartheid state in Palestine! No one is free until Palestine, is free — Ramadan Mubarak to everyone, May we pray for justice. #FreePalestine .
FOR MORE READ: “Freedom is A Constant Struggle” by Angela Y. Davis”

Birthday gal 💐 BFF SINCE 6th GRADE BITCHES AKA HALF MY LIFE TIME DIS MY SISTER I WOULDNT TRADE HER FOR THE WORLTT I LOVE N MISS YOU DEARLY U SEXY THANG 💖 one of my most favorite ppl to walk this earth, she’s a blessing 🌹

Yesss!! So important! And don’t be ashamed if it may take you longer than 2 years to transfer or to get your AA in general. It took me 4 years to do this. We’re humxn and life happens, struggles happen, we get misinformed, we fuck up, we learn, we may not have certain resources, we want to change our paths, we gotta start from scratch, we gotta take breaks etc and that is okay. So whether you’re able to do it in 2 years, 4 like me, or even if it takes you longer than that, it don’t matter your age it’s all OK. And fuck anybody who puts you down about it cause shit at least we trying, I see y’all 💖

@justinomora1 : “💯 Some of the best education I ever got was in community college. It prepared me to excel once I transferred to #UCLA. Don't ever feel ashamed and embarrassed of being a community college student. What matters is that you move forward and take full advantage of the educational opportunities available in the US. . " Do what’s best for you 🙌🏾"
Via @undocublack
#mtsac #ImmiGrad #communitycollege #LatinxGradCaps”

Thank you for sharing 💖
@stonershawtyy : “Read my story without judgement,
I’m not graduating w/ my class this year but it really doesn’t bother me because I don’t wanna walk the stage w/ fake ass people.People I use to be close to are now my enemies because the smallest things but I choose to pay no mind.Through out my whole high school experience dealing w/ depression first hand was really hard,I got pregnant my freshman year & the father of my child didn’t want me to have his kid he took me to a clinic to get an abortion,I was so embarrassed,ashamed I hid this from the world & it destroyed me deeply.After this happened he got another girl pregnant & I dropped him like a fly now their both crackheads,10th grade I just hated being in school or even in class so I resorted to smoking weed & drinking & self harming myself because the pain of not being able to hold my first in my hand was destroying me deep down inside,I had so much happen to me all in 2 years of high school that destroyed my mental health,my parents got a divorce when I was going into 11th grade and i really thought I was at fault because I caused them so much pain & I’m not going into detail about that but just know i felt like i disappointed my parents from the beginning of my birth to the day they found out I was self harming myself, I’m a senior with Junior credits & I need a whole year & a half of school, I cut my hair, scared my teacher because he thought I was having a metal break down which I was,I tried to switch schools so I could graduate w/ my class but the counselor was acting stupid because I have a I.E.P. Thinking I was stupid & didn’t know that I could transfer to finish faster. It took 1 year to switch out of Lincoln HS & I stopped going to school for 4 months because it really was pissing me off that my case holder wasn’t even trying to switch me out, Mr. Yates was like 79 but he should of been retired, I was in abusive relationships & I got raped by a guy I thought was the one because he took advantage of me when I was drunk, now I’m with a man that truly appreciates me, and loves my curves,I say everyday,
“Im strong,Im beautiful,Im worthy of being loved” 💛 #readmystory #neve”

IT’S A NATIONAL HOLIDAY YALL ITS MY QUEENS BIRTHDAY 🌹 feliz cumple amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 💖 ain’t she the cutest?

UCLA IM IN THAT THANG LIKE A G STRANG 😎 I made my decision! I wanted to come to transfer day before announcing it but Honestly Bruin day was the cherry on top I had an amazing experience and I’m really excited about my future. I know these institutions weren’t built for many of us but best believe ima make this bihh mine! I couldn’t even test into these fuckin schools and now I made it! N I have absolutely no ragretz going to a cc first n transferring. Thanks to all who have been so supportive cause trust there were times where I questioned my worth, my capabilities, my magic but fuck that, I deserve this. I am absolutely worthy. I work my fucking ass off. I deserve all the opportunities to come my way, I deserve the positive energies coming my way. I am magic. And so are y’all! 💖 So thank you to everyone who reassured me of that it means so so much ❤️ Thank you to the past luchadorxs who have made this path possible for so many of us. Thank you to all the kind faces I met at transfer day. Thanks everyone for all your love and support 💕I can’t wait to continue this journey of mine. And I’m so grateful I was able to bring my parents to this!!! 1st generation xicana and 1st in my family to do this thang! My mom cried tears of joy like idk how many times and my dad put UCLA tattoos they were giving out on his face lmao n they were going up to every booth taking every pin n sticker that said UCLA/UCLA parent they saw (and any free shit in general tbh lets be real we walked out w like 6 different bags full of things hahaha), if that don’t yell proud parent idk what does. And that to me makes all this hard work already worth it. They have given me their everything and ima make them and so many loved ones so fuckin proud and MYSELF proud even more. My heart feels happy, and I feel I’m making the right choice for me, that’s all that matters. 🌹 #SiSePuedeBitches 🤓 MY FELLOW BRUINS WHATS GOOD LETS GET IT POPPIN

My queen, my errthang. Te amo más que mi vida madre mía 🌹 so happy I’m making you n dad proud w all this college stuff, it only motivates me further to keep doin what I’m doin. You’ve sacrificed so much for me, y’all give me the worltt and ima make sure I give it back. 💕 #yourday #everyday

Having all the above + queer/trans mothers, immigrant mothers, disabled mothers, single mothers, low-income mothers, working mothers (and that includes stay at home parents cause that shit ain’t easy) and so so so many more in mind 💐💕 today and everyday is yours, we love you. repost @loquitabathandbody 💖
Arte: @bymariandrew

You go amiga 💕👑 @imajirafa ・・・
“Story time!
A man and his pregnant wife were at a doctor visit when they got news the mothers blood count levels were not would they should be & the baby was no longer growing. The doctor advised the parents to terminate the pregnancy the next day. The baby’s grandmother prayed for the mother & the baby. The next day the mother did not go to the scheduled abortion. The mother followed up with the doctor who stated the baby was doing just fine & everything was good. That baby went on to be carried to full term, which was not understood by the doctor. The baby was born in February 1995. She would go on to begin school at the local preschool in 1999. She would soon learn how to spell her name & how to count. K-5th grade she would go on learning new things & learning passionately. She would fall in love with reading & ask her parents for a new book every book fair. At the age of 8 she would come home telling her mom I’m going to college. At the age of 15 that same motivated girl who was in honors & AP classes would fail her sophomore year of high school due to lack of discipline and the enemy telling her how worthless she was. Soon her teacher would contact her parents that the girl was very depressed & had confessed to being suicidal. At 16 that girl would meet Jesus & fall at his mercy & grace & nothing would ever be the same. 18 she would begin college at CBU in biology, and at 20 she would realize she did not want to go to medical school anymore, it was of interest for the wrong reasons. Her major would changed to Christian studies And she would go on to become licensed in nursing assistance and home health aid. Last night at 23 she graduated from California baptist University in Christian Studies, global justice & a minor in Christian Behavioral Science. She is the first in her family to receive a Bachelors degree, educated chicana for the win! In six days she will be married to the love of her life. There is no doubt God was always present.
Mexican blanket stole from @casitamagdalena .
#thankyoujesus #butGodthough #nextstopwhoknows #emtmaybe #staytuned #educatedchicana #calbaptist #mexicanagrad #firstgeneration”

Sorry for the lag of these reposts I was waiting on a new phone cause my other one was fucked so I’m back on it, FUCK YEAH MAMA!!!! 💕💕💕 repost @beezamora ・・・
“Just got my final grade. I’m officially done with my masters program 😭 I DID IT! Two years ago I received my bachelors degree and I told myself that I was going to strive for more. Here I am, a week from graduation. This little Xicana did it! 😭 PhD or what? 😝
Photography by: @8thimpulse .
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